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Hi i am new and i just finished the campaing of the armistice and it was a bit short but never mind. i have saw some photos that there are other battlestars like the Pegasus and the galactica... this is official and if it is how i can download it? can someone explain to me about this "new" version which has Pegasus,Valkyrie,viper mkII and other official ships? thank you for your say we all


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None of the ships you ask for are currently ready for release. There were placeholders and temporary models that have appeared in some screenshots, but they are far from being done (Or, in the case of Pegasus or Galactica, having been started).
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The Viper MK II was released in Beyond the Red Line though. Although a little old now, that's still worth playing.
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And does this game the "beyond the red line" use FS2? so if i found the homepage i can download it as a mod of FS2 or its a game it'self? i don't know if you understand what i mean. but thank you. I found a photo at the homepage of diaspora which is the "BEAST" been attacked by 2 basestars here is the link:


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That is the placeholder Pegasus. It uses an old, unoptimized model with textures that only look ok from a distance and were just a quick placeholder bakejob. The ship isn't released and won't be until it's ready. That basically goes for every ship that isn't in Shattered Armistice.

As for Beyond the Red Line, it was a game with the same idea behind it as Diaspora, also based on fs2_open. In fact, most of us Diaspora members used to be members of the BtRL team before a split occured, and the majority of the then-BtRL members left to work on Diaspora. As for BtRL, it only ever released a demo, there aren't any battlestars or basestars in it but it does have a couple of cool missions.

You can grab it here:

Like Diaspora, it's standalone, you don't need fs2 to play it.
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thanks for the help