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Name your top five favourite things about Diaspora, then elaborate on them.


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Where to start?  So. Much. Greatness.

1.  Full cockpits.  Being a TrackIR guy, this was a great immersion feature.  The detail is so cool sometimes I fire up a mission just to check out the cockpit features.

2.  Model detail.  What can I say?  The Theseus is an amazing model, and the launch sequence is FANTASTIC (even more so when I read how hard it was to FRED).  All of the other ships were great too.

3.  The feel.  The game felt very BSGish all the way through.

4.  Autoaim.  Yeah, it's a cheat, but damn it was hard to kill anything in BTRL.  It was satisfying to line up a deflection shot at long range and pull it off for the first time.

5.  Good balance of types of missions.  I liked having the raptors in both recon and assault roles, hopefully we can see more of these.


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I tried to write five separate things, but all that came out was the cat launches.
"Load sabot. Target Zaku, direct front!"

A Feddie Story


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  • A superlative group of folks to work with, it's a fun team and I've had a great time hanging out and working with them.
  • I get to see my creations made manifest.  Trust me it is exhilarating actually flying around Tess or piloting a VIIE, and I have a lot of gratitude for the folks that took things I put on paper and built something everyone can play with.
  • That all the hard work everyone has put in has brought a lot of enjoyment to the fans of BSG and HLP community is very satisfying.
  • Knowing the shape of things to come.  ;)
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