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Place to share fan-made Campaign/Missions
Hey there,
I jumped on the BSG bandwagon a bit late and the Diaspora one even later, but I've kind of become obsessed with the game since. I've been attempting to make my own missions with the aim of assembling my own (non-canon) Cylon-Civil War campaign. I was wondering if there was a place hosted here (or by a fan) where I could share what I've been doing so far, and maybe even recruit some help with my campaign as it's taken me about 6 hours to make my first mission.


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Re: Place to share fan-made Campaign/Missions


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Re: Place to share fan-made Campaign/Missions
We're obviously planning to take a stab at a Cylon civil war campaign ourselves at some point but that shouldn't discourage you from trying it. It will be interesting to see you take on it.

6 hours isn't an unreasonable amount of time for a first mission depending on how complex you've made it and how well you followed the walkthrough in the documentation first.
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