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Shader support: Saga requires a 3D card with Shader 3.0 support. Some features, like normal maps, will not work if the computer fails to meet this requirement.

ATI compatibility: Current ATI drivers contain a bug that prevents certain shaders from compiling correctly. Normals maps will not work on ATI HD 4xxx series or older. Solution: install older ATI drivers (mid June 2010), copy atioglxx.dll into the game's directory, and re-install the new ATI drivers. Newer ATI cards should work properly.

Antialiasing: Antialiasing is not supported in Saga. To have it work in game, it has to be enabled externally using your video card driver's settings. This works fairly consistently for NVidia cards, but only has intermittent results with some ATI cards.

Installation as another user: If you install as another user, the cache files will be installed for this user. If you run the game as a different user, it is essential to copy the folder Volition (located in "My Documents") into the "My Documents" folder for your Windows user profile.

Default sound device: Sometimes the sound device might not be detected correctly in the launcher. It should be set to generic sound device by default.

No sound: If voice files appear to be missing while playing the game, check under the "Audio" tab of the launcher to see if you are running a hardware mode for sound. If so, switch to "Generic Software." This should correct the problem.

False Positive: Some anti-virus (most notably ESET NOD32) may report a false positive and detect wcsaga_sse2.exe as a virus/worm. Tell your anti-virus to omit this warning.

ATI Catalyst 12.2: The majority of the crashes seem to be caused by the ATI Catalyst driver, where your driver version is 12.2. Make sure you update to the newest Catalyst 12.3 driver.

on the shader 3 support will it fall over on less than 3 or will it limp along with the shader 3 dependant features not working?

Actually, the game will probably run faster on a non shader 3.0 card.

So much for WCS.
"Error. Direct Sound could not be initialized. If you're running any applications playing sound in background, you should stop them before continuing."
I'm not using any such applications. I have the audio device set on "generic software" mode. I suspected my antivirus, but I turned it off and it had no effect. Neither did resintalling.
Also, there's something after "generic software", presumably name of the device (I have four different ports for audio devices), but I can't tell because of the way you designed the launcher (I can't strech it nor scroll the line).

I had that kind of error a only a few times with FRED. Usually restarting the application/windows fixes the issue.


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