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great work



glad to see guys  jump in <o      i might not  be able  to find time to play it  because of my star citizen commitment but i will surely invite my org


Hey, glad to see another Saga fan passing by.

I'm afraid there's not much activity here lately, I don't think the Saga devs are even here anymore. But it's good to see the old flame kept alive.

Another passerby here.

Wishing to pay homage to this brilliant piece of work.

Wing Commander: Darkest Dawn mod for Freespace Open is a fantastic achievement.   

Anyone who loved the WC series all those years ago and who have that perpetual itch for good single player space sims, will love what has been done here.

Heartfelt thanks to all those who put this together and kept the dream alive.

More please !

Colonol Dekker:
I worked on the original campaign with tolwyn  way back when.  I'll let him know.

gevatter Lars:
Wow there are still people around ^_^
Thanks for the praise. Happy to see that people still find it and like it.


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