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Kilrathi Death Message bug

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The Knossos version of WC Saga, Version 0.9.62 (the bug may exist in other versions, I can't attest to that) has a bug in messages.tbl that results in the InvercagillControl death message (The hull is rupturing! AAAAHH!) being played for inappropriate deaths, most notably Kilrathi deaths.

Took me a while to figure out the bug, but the problem seems to be that messages.tbl is missing the required persona declaration (as quoted below) for InvercagillControl, which seemingly leaves the InvercagillControl death message unparented because its persona doesn't exist. This presumably interacts with the way message substitution works in such a way that it ends up getting played for deaths that it shouldn't.

--- Quote from: messages.tbl ---$Persona: InvercagillControl
$Type: large
--- End quote ---

The Terran line is probably not needed, as the ; is presumably commenting it out, but that's the way all the other entries appear. With this added the message no longer plays improperly.
The presentation of this bug may be dependent on FSO version, potentially due to changes in or the addition of message substitution and/or automatic persona assignment. But the bug exists within the files regardless of this fact.

I've run into this issue too playing on 23.2.1 official.

There used to be a couple different Kilrathi death audio clips...but now the Terran death clip "The hull is rupturing! AAAHH" is the only line you hear whenever you're supposed to hear a Kilrathi death audio.

Can a fix for this be released?

Someone brought this to my attention so I pinged Admiral Nelson.  Thanks very much for figuring out the fix. :yes:

Okay, version 0.9.63 is uploaded with the InvercagillControl fix from sqparadox.

If someone can provide a bugfix for the Kilrathi death audio clip, I can upload that one as well.


I went to there since I don't use Knossos at the moment.  I tried to download the Hermes Core file but after it downloaded my computer automatically deleted/quarantined it and said there was a trojan there.  I haven't had this problem downloading manually from fsnebula in a long time I think.


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