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Vega 5 mission error


In the mission "Vega 5", where you're escorting a refugee convoy off of the planet and trying to get them out of the system, there's an error at the end.

The final part of the mission has you defend the Hermes from a relatively small bomber attack before the Hermes jumps out of the system.  I did that and got instructions to land on the Hermes (both from the audio and in the directives list).
When I got close to the Hermes, the game switched (as it usually does for landing) to a 'cinematic' view where it showed my fighter landing on the carrier.  The problem was that, in this cinematic/autopilot segment, it was the TCS Victory (it showed a nameplate with 40 and Victory on it) and not the TCS Hermes.  It wasn't just a nameplate error, it was a different type of carrier too (the Victory and Hermes are different classes and look fairly different).

This wasn't a gamebreaking error as I was able to progress in the campaign, but could this be fixed?

This is presumably due to line 4005 of M09-BG-Hermes.fs2 (i.e. Vega 5) which defines TCS Hermes#2 as a Yorktown-class.

I have not tested it, but my assumption is that the only fix required is to change line 4005 to:

--- Code: ---$Class: Jutland-class
--- End code ---

You can open Knossos\gamedata\Wing_Commander_Saga\Wing_Commander_Saga-0.9.62\data\missions\M09-BG-Hermes.fs2 in any text editor to make the change but a text editor with line numbers is highly recommended.

Version 0.9.64 is now uploading with the fix. :yes:

I used Notepad to manually put in the fix Sqpar posted and it worked.  The correct carrier was shown at the end.

Thank you.


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