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Stunaep talks with Ten of Twelve about Freespace, HLP, and the Meaning of Life

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Let's get on with the real questions then. You have this little project, namely Third Twilight. Anyone who wants can read the description from , but tell us this: How does your campaign differ from the usual "Shivans come and things go boom" routine.
Little? No, really, I wouldn't use that word. Well...even Descent: Freespace and Freespace 2 is a "shivans come and things go boom kind of campaign". I think Third Twilight is sort of different because we have dozens of new features. Thanks to source code of course. TT also has a very complicated storyline with plot twists and Wing Commander style conversations. :
Dozens of new features, you say? Care to enlighten us on that?
Improved graphics, ground battles, new weapons, new effects, you name it!
Ground battles? How on earth (no pun intended) are you going to accomplish that. May I remind you, that so far there hasn't been any succesful ground battle mods in FS.
well...things are about to change. The first ground battle tests have been completed successfully and a beta version will be released soon for staff use. It would take at least ten pages to tell about how I made the things to work so I'll leave that out from this interview.:
Seems to me, that this certainly seems like something to drool for, and I do hope, we'll get some screens soon, right Sven?
Right you are, you’ll have them as soon as I get the flash website up and running.
Second thing I heard you mention, was upped graphics. That really screams Source Code, now doesn't it?
Yes, Third Twilight will certainly use most of the source code project upgrades and more, if possible.
Care to elaborate on the 'more'?
I’ve got some IT friends who are interested in the FS source, so they're going to help me out.
Do you expect your campaign to compete with other similar projects, Inferno or Alternate Paths for example, or are you seeking peaceful co-existence.
Of course I want to compete. I think it might even turn out better than Inferno (because of Infernos story and those hybrid ships, which I dislike). But it sure ain’t going to compete with Over The Top for example.
These are some pretty hard promises here, I'll be sure to remind you of those when you least want me to :D. Anyway, you have a rather small team, compared to some other HLP hosted projects, the 158th for example. Do you like for the team to work together as closely as possible, or do you prefer doing most of the work yourself, only giving the team those assignments that you cannot handle, or don't have time to?
Hmmm. My team is so small at the moment because of the things we are making now. I just can handle them myself and I just don't need a bigger team right now. Also, these were not promises, they were my...personal expectations.
We've seen you render, model, Fred, table, compose, etc. What CAN'T you do?
I'm not sure if I can fight with tigers. Seriously, the thing that I can't do is animation. Mainly because they take about a day to render and I just can’t figure out how to use video post.

But enough about your campaign, let's talk about yourself. Why Freespace? Why not, say... Tomb Raider.
Hard question. Freespace seems to be the only game that I have beaten about, some...8 times at least, so there's your reason.
How DID you get into FS in the first place?
Well, one day you were sky-high because of a "very neat space combat simulator" so I was just interested all know the rest of the story.
Ah, I so love being credited :p. Speaking of games, what other titles do you play?
Baldur's Gate, basically all games utilising the Infinity Engine, No One Lives Forever, Unreal Tournament, and Tomb need more?
I think, that gave us a general idea (and no RTS amongst them, tat-tat-tat :) )
Well, damn. Forgot my C&C collection.
So what's your opinion on the everlasting Pc vs. Console fight?
PCs should rule the world. There is no point in consoles In my opinion. The newer ones cost almost as much a PC but think about can only PLAY with consoles. Meh, try to visit HLP with a GameCube...
For those just joining us, Sven not only is a journalist here in HLP, but he is also working for an Internet portal for kids, writing stories about computers and life. Sven, do you see your future as a journalist?
Yes, of course I do. When I finish high school, I'm going to study media at the university. And I'm going to be the best journalist in the whole world, thus being the supreme authority on the planet. I'm going to rule the world!
Since we are already on the subject of Real Life(tm), have you got a girlfriend? Just to create an erotic tension in this article :p
Yes I do but I’m not commenting that. This is something called Private Life.
I assume, you do not mod FS 24/7. What are your other non-PC related hobbies?
Swimming, carpentry, mechanics and various other minor stuff.
You are an active member of the HLP community, yet you do not post in Volition Watch. Why is HLP better than any other forum?
Because this is...HLP. I just like the people here. And HLP was the first Freespace board I found (after VBB that is). I don't have time to visit others, I guess.
You mean, you don't visit ANY other forums?
No. As I said, i don't have much time.
I'm running out of questions, so it's better to end this interview. Finally three more questions, that supposedly shows the personality of the interviewee. One: In your opinion, why did the Shivans destroy Capella?
Destiny. It had to happen and it happened.
Two: Does post count matter?
Not much.
Three: Chrysler or Ferrari?
Well, that’s about it. This was a pleasant experience for me, and I hope the same goes with you, so see you back at the forums!

Hold on for interviews with Venom, Cetanu and more.

Yay! :D

Very good! I like these! :nod:

nice work S.

Black Wolf:
Ground based battles? Will you be able to have things limited to the ground? I assume there'll be surface turrets and stuff, but what about say, trucks or mobile missile launchers? And will gravity have any effect on gameplay?


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