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Ten of Twelve talks to LtNarol about the 158th Squadron and more...

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Ten of Twelve Interviews LtNarol

Hey LtNarol. How's going?

Pretty good

Doing anything notable lately?

Not particularly

Well then. We all know that you are the leader of the 158th team but before moving on to Freespace - a couple of words about yourself...

I live in the U.S, southern U.S. at that in Dallas.  I do a lot of stuff with computers, mainly graphics related although I'm picking up programming as well.

I also happened to be a Star Wars fan until Episode I came out

I present you...LtNarol.

Yeah, Episode I was real crap. I fear that Disney has something to do with it.

Anyways, I've always wondered where did you get the nick LtNarol. Is that 'Narol' something I should know about?

Well, as I said, I was a Star Wars fan for a long time, and as such read a lot of the books; particularly the X-Wing series.  In one of the books, Wraith Squadron, a prime character went by Lieutenant Narol when he was dealing with Imperials, his real name was Loran, so I figured the name neat and took up using it when playing games.

Care to enlighten me, how did you find your way to the world of Freespace?

A good friend in RL (tm) invited me to his house one day and while we were there, he showed me FS2; needless to say I got hooked and I blame him completely.

No **** Sherlock - the same thing happened to me. :) But what about HLP?

Sandwich posted at VWBB back when I was looking for hosting, saying that HLP was still accepting new hosting requests, so needless to say I came.

And that was...2 years ago or something?

Actually, one year as of next week

Oh. :) Now, let's move along and get the dessert, shall we. ;) From what I've seen, the 158th is one of the largest projects here. But where did you get the idea?

The 158th started way back when I was still making my transition between FS2 and Tiberian Sun (I loved the Tiberian Sun fighter known as the Banshee) and the original idea was to make a small campaign where people could fly the TS Banshee.  Needless to say that didnt work out since I didnt know how to model and barely knew how to FRED.

So you gathered some people and it just went off, right?

We grew from there, the idea of making it the story of a squadron from beginning to end came next from one of the HLP regulars, although I forget who, so if you see this (whoever you are), IM me :D

How far are the things?

We've made a lot of progress on many fronts, although we've been focusing on Exposition, the demo

Exposition is the beginning right?

Indeed, it is set before the Great War, before subspace is discovered in fact.

And here is a nice pic from 'Exposition'

So the 158th squadron is that old eh? ;) I was going to ask if those campaigns have something unical but I think that this is it. Anything else special you'd like to tell me about?

Not that I can think of at the moment, forgive me but its still early over here :)

No problem. :) And finally, what do you think that this community have given to you for the rest of your life?

Well, its certainly given me a lot of experience in dealing with people, as well as in building a team; most of it was learning from my own mistakes but thats the way it is sometimes

Yeah, your absolutely right. And that's actually it. Thank you for your time and good luck with the 158th. I'm looking forward to it.

You're welcome :)

You can find the 158th Squadron official website here

Good fight! Good night! :D


--- Quote ---Originally posted by Ten of Twelve

No **** Sherlock - the same thing happened to me. :)
--- End quote ---

I love it when you do that.

And the Kiev rawks.

Knight Templar:
nice interview, albeit rather short.

would've liked to see more 158th pimping :D


--- Quote ---Originally posted by Knight Templar
nice interview, albeit rather short.
--- End quote ---

Because I waited till 2 AM for Narol to show up... :p

Sorry to divert this a bit, but HOLY****THATSHIPKICKSASS


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