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Black Wolf's marathon interview with Icefire on, well, just about everything.

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Black Wolf:
Black Wolf Interviews Icefire.[/b]

Icefire Interview Part One

Black Wolf - Hi Icefire, how's life been treating you?

Icefire – Life has been treating me fairly well overall.  I mean I can't really complain about anything horribly tragic so I take it that things are working out fairly well for me.  I'm into the second half of my second year at University.  Studies keep me pretty busy and I always wish I had more time to do other things.   Unfortunately, I'd probably squander that time on something useless and unproductive anyways so why exactly I need time is a big question.  I suppose if I have enough time to consider how I would waste time, life must be pretty good eh!

Black Wolf - True, very true :). Now, for the record (and to maintain continuity with my fellow interviewers, of course) could you tell us your name, and a little about yourself, and your life outside Freespace?

Icefire - You mean my name isn't IceFire?  Ok ok, my name is Colin Czerneda.  Like I just mentioned, I'm a second year University student studying Communications and Multimedia in a combined honours program.  Being a student pretty much consumes my life.

BW - I know how that can be :-(. I'd say that about covers Interview continuity wouldn't you? ;-) Returning to the topic at hand, you’re involved in a huge number of high quality projects - could you give us a quick run down on what you’re working on, and what you mainly do for each of them?

IF - Lets see.  My biggest project has been the longest running one and that is Volition Watch.  And if you want the short story of that, Volition Watch was once two separate websites.  One was the Descent Chronicles and one was Planet FreeSpace.  Long story short, we decided that it was time to combine resources into one super site and along the way, we picked up the idea of the additional "Watch" sites and thus Volition Watch was born.  That project as always is evolving but its been rewarding and overall a lot of fun.

Then we move onto the MOD and campaign area.  I'd get maimed if I didn't mention The Babylon Project first.  TBP is pretty much the coalescence of a bunch of Babylon 5 fans that wanted to have some space combat fun.  It really didn't go anywhere at all until Into the Fire was cancelled and that’s when it really picked up speed.  I think if that game had gone forward, you wouldn't see TBP as you do today.  Unfortunately, I still believe ITF would eclipse any other fan project out there but corporate decision makers as they are don't think they can make any money on this stuff so its in the hands of the fans.

Then we have BlackWater Operations and that’s my other biggie project.  It’s been around for a while and most people have heard of it.  Fortunately, its hype machine has died down in the face of other campaigns.  I say fortunately because the whole idea of BlackWater Operations has changed so much from what it was initially concieved to be.  I was supposed to be 12 missions long, heavily story driven, using almost no MOD's at all, and featuring one new ship.  That one new ship we wanted to be really memorable and it was the Golgotha.  And it seems to still be quite memorable because it’s still mentioned in those famed ship VS ship fables.

I've also participated in moderate to minor ways with a variety of other campaigns.  I did a lot of table work for Venom's Over The Top campaign.  I've done up nebulas and/or effects for OTT, Machina Terra, and Inferno and I've beta tested and consulted on a number of others.

BW - Wow! You seem to be working on almost every one of the most eagerly awaited FS2 campaigns and high quality projects out there! Out of all those projects, if you had to pick a single favourite, could you do it?

IF - Oh goodness no...And that’s not because someone will rip my eyes out of their sockets.  I'm not the kind of person who wants to see one winner and a collection of losers.  I think that greater diversity breeds greater creativity and co-operation.  The FreeSpace community has never really been about conflict as it has been about community.  All of these projects are part of a greater community.  All of the projects I've been on have a lot of style; a lot of creativity, and many of them have become part of that community identity.  No I couldn't pick just one...

BW - Somehow, I didn't think so :-). Well, lets begin with BWO then - It’s probably in every community member’s top three most eagerly awaited campaigns - what do you think makes BWO so special among the FS2 campaigns in production at the moment?

IF - BlackWater Operations has a number of things going for it.  Its got an interesting but mysterious story, its got characters and character development, and its got that big choice we keep talking about.  I think the choice that you make about half way through the campaign is the biggest feature of the campaign.  We've got the modifications too but in many ways I don't think they are on the same level as you see in some of the other campaigns.  When it comes down to it, BWO is just an extension of the FreeSpace universe and it still plays like you were playing FreeSpace 2.  We've done a little to try and catch up to the other campaigns over the years but our main focus is the storytelling and we're using the modification aspect only as a means to convey that story.

IF - That said, we have some cool modifications.  The Golgotha is a noteable and the 100 meter long Sol heavy bomber is another.  We've got a few other surprises but I think I'll keep those to myself and have everyone discover them in the campaign.

BW - I knew sneak peeks would be too much to hope for :-). You mentioned that BWO would have 'characters and character development' - How was the initial concept of morphing the base FS2 style into this new, slightly different one brought about, and ultimately decided on?

IF - Kellan and I both decided that doing characters was fine.  The wingman in Derelict was an absolute riot and we wanted to bring more of that to the table.  I also had some good times with StarLancer.  A game many found uninspired but I found to be a lot of fun and a great time.  The best thing in that game was its storytelling and its characters.  So we wanted to do a bit of that.  You'll have re-occurring characters, squadrons, and ships.  Sure, the GTVA is a big and space is bigger but coincidences and destiny play a role too so you'll be recognizing a lot of things as you go through.  We even bring back the Blue Lions and the GTD Aquitane in a few places.... not only do we do that but we introduce Admiral Brett and the GTD Bethesda, bring back Admiral Cole from Warzone as well as his ship (the Warlock) and we introduce Admiral Kepler as one of your superior officers in the GTVI.

BW - And, as you mentioned, the other major variation on the FS2 theme is the major split down the middle - will this be the only split in BWO, or will there be more branching? And I don't suppose we could even get a hint at a few details about this mysterious choice? You can be as cryptic as you like... ;-)

IF - The choice is between ideologies about how the alliance should be governed.  That’s about as specific as I will get.  That’s the only major split, there are some minor ones and one loop.  Originally there were two loops and you'd choose one or the other but the other loop didn't function as well as the first.  I'm not sure if we'll reinstate that second loop now that there is more staff on hand or not.  Other than that, BWO plays in a fairly linear fashion like any other campaign.

BW - Well, moving back to more technical matters, the BWO demo has been infamously put off due to the absence of a few short voice lines, but recent announcements that they’ve arrived seem to have neatly dispensed with this problem - does this mean we’ll be looking at a demo any time soon?

IF - The demo will be arriving very shortly.  It’s done and it’s awaiting the finishing of a proper readme with the voice actor’s names (or nicknames) for credit.  The demo should be out very shortly.  I won't put a day on it but exceptionally soon.

BW - You've just made a lot of FSers very happy :-). What's your opinion on the quality of the voice acting you've managed to deliver? There have been many attempts in the past, some good, and some bad - where would you place BWO's on this scale?

IF - BlackSheep did an amazing job getting the samples from voice actors together.  Its not professional quality and it never will be...that’s when you pay big bucks for voice actors.  I'm very pleased with what we got and I hope we can do more of it provided that people are willing to lend a hand and volunteer for the effort.  It’s all about community support.

BW - And what about the status of the main BWO campaign? It was suggested by Bobbau a few weeks ago that there was effectively only two or three months of work left on the full version - how accurate was that estimation?

IF - Its fairly accurate, the only problem is that delays inevitably creep in.  I got four missions completed over the holidays which was great but I then realized that beyond that I can't work any further till I get an updated and revised version of the mission lists from Kellan.  So that will take some time because its a big task to accomplish.  Another missions by one of our new guys (who will be introducing their talents with the release of this campaign) has hit a snag because the vessel they are using doesn't have subsystems or a dockport.  And that stuff starts to build up.  So it takes time, but all things will be resolved and the path is clearer and clearer to completion.  We may release in two parts so that we don't keep people waiting too long.

BW - So you're looking at a voice acted main campaign?

IF - Maybe...hopefully.  We'll see...if time permits.

BW - Excellent :-). One final thing before we move off BWO - in your opinion, how will BWO compare to previous you and Kellan’s previous forays into FS campaigning such as Derelict and Warzone? Are we looking at something better, equal, or worse?

IF - Your looking at something that will probably be the pinnacle of our mission design work.  It’s not quite as long as Derelict and its got a different style but its got a lot to like in it.

BW - Well then I, for one, will continue to eagerly await it :-).

BW - Well, it seems we’ve run out of time, so we’ll have to continue this another day.

1 hour ten minutes, 8/1/2003

Icefire Interview Part Two

BW - Hi Icefire, welcome back to the interviewees seat :).

BW - Before we begin, any major changes over the last...twenty-two hours?

IF - Well...nothing major to speak of.  Just the release of the BlackWater Operations demo.  Nothing major at all.

BW - At Last! BWO demoage for everyone! Where can we download it?

IF - Well hopefully we'll have more than one download location.  Go to the BlackWater Operations website where I will hopefully be able to keep a good list of downloads currently available.

BW - You're sounding remarkably calm about the whole thing.

IF - It's just a demo.  A taste of what’s to come and the beginning of a small conflict which will quickly grow into a much larger one.

BW - Ah, but it's the BWO Demo :-). Either way, the BWO site is , so go there, and grab the biggest demo since FS2s!

Now, on an entirely different subject, The Babylon Project, your other major Freespace project is probably the best known mod for Freespace 2 ever, it not only has most of the standard Freespace community drooling every time we see a screenshot, but it's been one of the most significant drawcard for new members, who were fans of B5 before they even heard the name Freespace. Do you find that this causes a certain pressure, or is the high standard something you and the team consciously set for the project, and live up to as a matter of course?

IF - Essentially, work on The Babylon Project started with high ambitions in mind and those still remain.  High quality ships, based on whatever renders and examples we can find and based on whatever limitations FreeSpace 2 imposed on us.  Those restrictions have potentially evaporated but the Source Code project is still new and these things take time.  Nonetheless, the models in their present state are of very high quality and I'm beyond pleased with them.  They and everything else is just amazing work.  Its become a matter of life that these things happen the way we do.  We're fanatical fans, it must be as good as we can make it so that we can honour the show and its creators for what joy they brought to us.  Sure Babylon 5 was just a TV show but its effects can be far reaching.

BW - So it would seem :). The amount of work put into TBP is testament to that. But what about the 'fanatical fans' themselves - the staff of TBP? Just looking over your staff page proves it's a massive project - 25 credited staffers, plus I know that there are external FREDders who created missions for the TBP archives (when they were around). Do you find the coordination of such a large group to be a challenge compared with the smaller group of BWO? And are their any staffers in particular who stand out as being particularly dedicated (or fanatical, if you will :-) )?

IF - The most fanatical is probably Tomcat.  He works amazing hours to get ship models done to exacting specifications.  The rest of the TBP team essentially comes and goes as they have time to.  We've got BlackSheep who's done most of the sound work but who is currently doing his mandatory military service, we've got Eternal One who was working on almost everything on the MOD including source code who is also doing his military service, Skullar who is in and out but is writing an amazing campaign script that takes place over the course of most of Babylon 5's seasons.  There are so many people on this time, essentially they work like a big family.  Sometimes that means that there is argument and conflict but there is almost always resolution and we continue on like before.  Its not really something I can control, it happens the way it wants to...its a phenomenon.

BW - Oops, almost forgot :-). For both of you that don’t know, The Babylon Project, or TBP is possibly the largest project ever undertaken for Freespace 2 – a total conversion of the Freespace 2 game into the Babylon Five universe. But that simple description doesn’t really cover it, you have to see the screenshots, experience the mod to fully encompass the amount of work these guys are doing.

While on the subject, how much work has it been to get all the concepts, technology and Babylon Five specific detailing into Freespace 2? The universes are not, after all, particularly compatible. And, have their been any particular features that presented (or still present) major challenges?

IF - The biggest problem is the fact that pretty much all canon (official) fighters and small craft in the Babylon 5 universe do not have their own jump engines.  They rely on larger vessels to be carried around or alternatively use a jumpgate to get them to where they need to be going.  That’s been a bit of a challenge.  So has the flying around in general.  Babylon 5 ships right from Season 1 used what looks like real physics (from a visual standpoint) for combat.  They don't fly in a straight line and bank around like a World War II fighter plane, they actual spin on their axis, keep momentum and use thrusters on all sides of the craft for manoeuvrability.  We still haven't done that in FreeSpace 2's engine and maybe we never will.  That’s a trade-off for gameplay.  The other major trade-off is the balance.  We've had to make sure that the fighters in the game are stronger than the one hit kills that are usually associated with the show.  So instead, you can take multiple hits.  Beyond that, we've been fairly consistent with what we've seen on the CGI.  Sizes are as close as we can make them (CGI crews commonly changed the sizes so being absolutely consistent is impossible) and capital ships are still bristling with weapons.  So staying close to a capital ship in TBP requires a lot more skill than in regular FreeSpace 2.

BW - What about the issue of species number? The Babylon Five universe has a far greater amount than the three species of FS2 - has this caused many difficulties, or have you managed to get around it with clever tabling?

IF - We cleaned all the comments out of the tables.  We've got room for a good many more ships so I'm not very worried at all.

BW - In your opinion, how far has TBP gone towards a true 'Total Conversion' of Babylon 5, and how far does it still have to go?

IF - It will never be a true conversion.  That would mean pretty much changing every aspect of FreeSpace 2.  To me, part of the project has always been utilizing FreeSpace 2's strengths and incorporating those into TBP.  We want that Babylon 5 feel to it but I think there will always be a FreeSpace 2 element that we will never be able to get rid of.

BW - Are there any other TCs out there that you personally particularly like, or are looking forward to? Even sci-fi universes that you think would be suitable for porting to FS2?

IF - I really like the work done by the Star Wars TC.  They are doing some really top notch stuff from what I've seen and hopefully they will have some smart people do up the ship and weapons balances so that it plays like Sta rWars should.  I also hope that the Space: Above and Beyond MOD gets off the ground.  I never really liked all that the TV show had to offer but it is classic military SF and I always liked that concept.  So hopefully they will be able to bring that off the ground and get it going somewhere.  Screaming over the Saratoga in a Hammerhead would be a lot of fun.  Again, the balance has to be done right so that its actually fun and engaging at the same time.  Here's hoping.

BW - Absolutely :)., though with the amount of bumping DiamondGeezer’s doing, someone will eventually take pity on him :-). Back to TBP however, do you have a favourite mod, or ship from Babylon five that you'd like to see one of the modders tackle?

IF - I can't wait to get the Excalibur in the game with its tri-focus Vorlon beam weapon.  Even the regular firepower on the Excalibur and its cool clean lines is a thing of beauty.  With all of my other favourite vessels already in some form in the game (Thunderbolt, Omega, Warlock) I'm having a great time.

BW - Sounds like it. Would that be your favourite aspect of the Babylon Project, all the new ships, and the ability to play Babylon 5 in general, or is there something else about the project that you really enjoy the most?

IF - Its the whole package.  The sound, visuals, and gameplay are all important in creating a familar feel.  And space combat has never been so cool on a TV show as Babylon 5 so its a kind of dream that I've been wanting to see happen for so long.  I was hoping that ITF (the cancelled game from Sierra ) would be brought back to life and I still harbour hope that it will happen in the future but until that day, TBP is a good supplement.

BW - You've obviously had experience going from TV show to game, so in your expert opinion, hypothetically of course, do you think a Freespace 2 TV show could work?

IF - I don't think it would work without some serious changes.  FreeSpace 2 does have a very good backstory but its not really a character rich game and it was designed and meant to be that way.  FreeSpace 2 leaves a lot to the imagination and gives you some straight up space combat which is what we really wanted.  Its still the best game around for some serious space combat.  Basing a TV show around straight space combat is just not a very good idea.  As much as it would be cool for the first two episodes, it would be very much not cool after that.  TV shows need depth (although most TV shows lack that anyways) and if I were to enjoy it as a TV show, it would really have to be something special.  So no, probably not a good idea.  Leave it where its supposed to be and make us more games!

BW - I only have one more question for you on TBP – When will we be getting release 2? :-)

IF - The famed question.  Probably sooner than later but specifically I have no date I can give out.  When it’s done.  No really, its not like we want to be like Vorlon's...we really don't know.  It will be done one day.

BW - Alright then, we’ll be waiting :-). It seems that yet again we’ve run out of time, so we’ll have to continue again at a later date.

1 hr 30 mins 9/1/2003

Icefire Interview Part Three

BW – Welcome back, Icefire, to your third session in the interview chair.

BW – Well, before we begin to cover some more new ground, let’s take a quick look at the release of the BWO demo that we touched on last time. How has the reaction been to the release?

IF – Its been received extremely well.  There seems to be the most number of problems with the third mission which is arguably the most interesting and unique mission of the pack.  Its not heavy on the modifications which is what I feared would be a major negative point but people seem to be just as happy to play with original FreeSpace ships in a new and unique set of situations.  The story element seems to be a major success, which bodes, will for the final campaign.

BW – What about bugs? Have there been many found yet?

IF – Two stick in my mind.  The triggers in mission three don't always seem to go of and the hostage situation seems to be negated.  The other bug is that sometimes when the mission is failed the debriefing is blank.  Its an oddity that I may try and fix and patch in the future but its not one of those major errors that prevents people from having fun.  Aside from that, there's been some problems with strange background problems (disco colored background squares) and crashing on the fourth mission.  None of the testers had this problem so I'm not really sure what’s causing it.  Perhaps another MOD is conflicting.  I really don't know.

BW – Well, I’ve played it, and I certainly enjoyed it :-) Now it's just a matter of waiting for the main campaign. But we've been over BWO before, and it's time to talk about something different - Volitionwatch - which is host to what is, I believe, the longest running FS website still in existence, Freespacewatch. Can you tell us how VWatch has changed and evolved over that relatively long time?

IF - Well Volition Watch can truly be traced back to the beginnings of the community....back in January of 1998 months before Descent: FreeSpace came out.  Back then there was FreeSpace Command (my site), GTA Command (Todd/WildWolf now a V employee), Descent Chronicles, and a number of other sites that sprang up in the months around release of the first FreeSpace.  During that year, I closed FreeSpace Command and a number of other sites disappeared as well.  I became somewhat discouraged about building any more websites but my creative desires got the best of me and I and WildWolf created Planet FreeSpace.  We co-ordinated and became friendly rivals with Descent Chronicles.  Eventually the staff at Chronicles dwindled to a number of people (many of whom I've forgotten) but they included such people like Dynamo, Remora, Orange, Xanadu (who created the FreeSpace Mission Archives that still essentially exists today) and so on.  Eventually, it came time to close PlanetFreeSpace and the same situation was presented to the Descent Chronicles staff.  We eventually agreed to combine forces and some brief discussion turned us into the concept of Volition Watch (we knew then that Volition was working on non-FreeSpace titles).  So FreeSpace Watch opened on Telefragged first (sometime during 1999 I think it was) and then later the main site opened.  Meantime, WildWolf had already started something called Summoner Homeland and that site was eventually turned into Summoner Watch.  RedFaction Watch we created soley from scratch which is pretty much the only site on the entire Volition Watch site that doesn't have a previous history.  In the case of Summoner and FreeSpace, content was taken from Homeland and PlanetFS/DC respectively.

[BW[/b] – And what about the future of VWatch? Are their any special plans, new expansions etc. planned for the coming months?

IF – Nothing is currently planned.  Volition Watch is unfortunately not moving along like it used to.  We used to have a lot of energy to devote to the site but things have changed in all our lives and other interests and priorities have taken over.  Its still a major community hub with forums and projects and people coming to the site for long kept information.  Its more like an archive or a history of a community rather than a very active and changing website.  A redesign of FSW was undertaken but never completed.  Not sure if it will see the light of day or not.  This community is not dead and neither is VWatch but it does continue to fade over time.

BW – Freespacewatch and HLP are undoubtedly the two biggest Freespace sites to be found anywhere, both with their own distinct styles and attributes. Do you find that there is now, or has ever been much in the way of rivalry between the two of you, friendly or otherwise?

IF – There has been mostly friendly rivalry.  As a small community it’s not very beneficial to have warring websites when two can co-exist peacefully.  That happened between PlanetFS and DC back in the day and that has continued on with HLP and VWatch.  That’s not to say that there hasn't been the occasional times of friction and conflict but that rarely has turned into anything more than the usual friction that you see with any two competitors no matter how friendly and community oriented you are.  My belief is that we all survive or we all die together.  Selfish interests should not put in jeopardy the existence of a community, much less the positive impact it can have on the lives of individuals that can reside within.

BW – One of Vwatch’s greatest features, (and also one of the reasons it remains so essential to the community) are the Vwatch Archives, easily the biggest database of missions and mods for Freespace anywhere. Even with the fortunate backup, the recent crash saw a lot of good stuff go missing – have the archives recovered from that yet? If not, is it likely that they ever will?

IF – I'm sure some stuff we'll never get back.  Some stuff I'm sure we will but its very dependent on the authors of the missions and campaigns to put themselves back into the archives as tracking down hundreds of missions is virtually impossible for us.

BW – The great thing about VWatch is that it can bring together parts of the communities from more than one game into joint projects. The best example of this is, or rather, was the Freespace mod for Red Faction, but this hasn't had an update in months - is that project dead, or just asleep?

IF – Personally.  I very much think its dead.  Plasma who spearheaded the concept disappeared.  The idea of premier MOD's for Red Faction also never really took off.  Not to say there wasn't any MOD making going on, but to my knowledge it was more designed around small and innovative packages than fully-fledged modifications.

BW – A shame really :-(. But getting back to Freespace, there's one more project you're 'involved in' that we have yet to discuss - Paradigm Shift, the once mentioned super campaign for after BWO, which would collect the best of the best and produce the single best campaign the community has ever seen. Was this just a dream, or is PS still on the cards?

IF – Its still potentially in the cards.  It’s on standby until things like BWO and MT are finished off.  I hope to try and draw in a massive community effort when those projects are finished and distribute some of the workload so that we get the best and brightest of the community contributing to something big.  The project works on two concepts...the first is that we try and deal with the Shivan problem.  Its a hard concept...and its really difficult to do it justice without sounding clichéd or like its already been done.  We don't want the "oh no, not another Shivan invasion" kind of response but we will feature something akin to a final battle.  And it will make as much use of canonical information from FreeSpace and FreeSpace 2 to make it believable fit into the universe as best as possible.  The second concept for the project is that we make full use of as many useful features as FS2 Open can give us.  We're waiting for a few more things to stabilize and then we'll start construction.  We'll never use it all (because its all so diverse and in various stages of development) but we'll decide what to use and then incorporate it into the campaign.  It will be big but hopefully will consume less of my personal time because it grows lesser by the month and the year.

BW – Shrinking time is a problem faced by all, I've found. The PS site has some apparently specific details, such as a time frame (80 years post FS2), and a number of mods and missions (over 50and 30 respectively). Are these actual, accurate figures based on a storyline or PS document somewhere? Or just numbers and guesses, which will eventually be redesigned?

IF – Actually they are fairly accurate.  The mods will roughly be about 50 new ships and the missions will probably be around 30, told in what will probably be three parts.  I'm praying that getting one section done will be a priority and that will let us give people some of what they want followed by more of what they want later on.

BW – Well, I look forward to it then :). If anyone can make 'teh ultimate campaing' that has been proposed so many times, it's you.

IF – I'll give it the good ole college try! :D

BW – Among the campaigns that are available or in progress at the moment, you've probably worked on most of the best of them - are there any that you haven't worked on (or have worked on I suppose) that you're particularly looking forward to playing?

IF – Well I haven't properly worked on Inferno so that’s the first campaign I'm interested in seeing.  It seems pretty huge as it covers a lot of ground.  Initially I thought it was too ambitious but its team has stuck to its guns and worked through it all (especially Woomiester whom I am most familiar with).  Anything from Aldo that I have tested has been very good so both Casualties of War and Reciprocity I expect big things from.  Dark Alliance looks interesting and the Star Wars conversion looks really cool.  There are countless campaigns on HLP that I hope the teams turn into something really cool.  I understand what they go through to create these things and I know it takes a lot of time, hard work, sometimes a lot of disappointment and more often then not they get overshadowed by something else.  Let these words guide you: Aim for the goals that you can attain and work towards the highest quality that you can achieve, recognition for you work will come.

BW – Wise words :).Before I let you go, I just have one more question - Will we be competing against you in the upcoming FRED contest?

IF – If I get the time, oh yes you will.  The goal of my FRED mission is to make something familiar and effective and manageable.  We'll see if I can make that happen.

BW – I look forward to the competition :-). Thanks for taking the time to talk to me Icefire, you've been a truly great interviewee, with a lot of interesting and useful information. Any final words before we wrap this up?

IF – I'll part with my favourite quote from Babylon 5: "The future is always changing. We create the future with our words, our deeds and with our beliefs." - Lady Morella

IF –It gets me through the day.

BW – Alright then. Once again, thank you for talking with me.

IF –Not a problem.  Was fun!  Now everyone gets to read about me droning on like a crazy person!

Interview Time 1hr 15 mins 15/1/2003

Total Interview Time 3 hr, 55 mins.

I'd personally like to take this opportunity to once again thank Icefire for doing this - any interviewee is usually willing to giuve up an hour or so to an interview if it will provide them with campaign publicity or whatever, but Icefire hardly needed that, and he gave up well over 4 hours when you take into account the time spent discussing stuff before and after the interview, and all of his responses were detailed and full of info. Thanks for being a truly excellent interviewee, Icefire.

Stryke 9:
Holy ****, that's long.

Knight Templar:

--- Quote ---Originally posted by StrykeIX
Holy ****, that's long.
--- End quote ---


But not bad :)  not bad at all.


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But not bad :)  not bad at all.
--- End quote ---


Just read through the whole thing, it was fantastic. :) Many thanks to you, Ice, for committing so much time to this, and to you BW for the same. That was a great read. ;)


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