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RELEASE: FSPort Co-op Mod (Beta)

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mh... well maybe i will take a look into this sooner or later, even i do not really have someone to test this, because my husband only play on Medium at max and my sister is barely surviving on very easy in this game.

Even i like the concept of the original game more, where volition takes a few bunch of missions to make them cooperative individually, so that you are able to play three missions of the main campaign with 4 and another three with whole 12 players.

12 player coop would not make sense for the first couple of missions of this game for example, but it make sense for the last three.

But well, otherwise i have doubts, that there will be ever again a group of 5+ players that want to play coop Freespace together.

If multiplayer is improved (which looks more likely now than it has in years), then there will surely be people who want to play.

You should upload this to Knossos.


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