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Correct folder structure for playing with mediavps?

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It's unclear to me how I am supposed to setup my fsport folders in order to use the mediavps.  I'm on Linux and have followed the manual installation process for FS2 and FSPort.

So my folders and executable are like this

When I run wxlauncher, I can select and run FSPort but there's no option for the mediavps.  What am I missing?

You also need the standard 2014 mediavps - not sure if you've just left that out or if you don't have it.

If you do already have it, could you paste the contents of fsport-mediavps_2014/mod.ini?

Lastly you could try Knossos instead, which deals with all this for you :)
(assuming you're not running ubuntu 16.04 which has an old version of QtWeb-something & doesn't work with the most recent versions of Knossos)

I do have the standard 2014 mediavps.  They're in freespace_2/Mediavps_2014.

I don't have a fsport-mediavps_2014/mod.ini file.  Would the game have created it when I ran it with the mediavps enabled?  I checked ~/.local/share/HardLightProductions and ~/.wxlauncher for this, too, since any such files would have more likely ended up there.  No luck.

I can give Knossos a try if that's preferred over wxlauncher these days.  Is that the case?

Lastly, I'm on Arch Linux.

You forgot this:

Knossos is generally preferred now, as far as playing FSO goes it should be feature complete now. Just note that it'll redownload all the mods (in case you're on limited download internet). And I haven't run Arch so I'm not precisely sure what dependencies it needs.

Just in case you continue with wxLauncher, as Linux has case-sensitive filesystems by default your mediavps 2014 folder name is going to cause issues as well (as most, but not necessarily all mod.ini files use the lowercase naming for mods). Therefore I'd recommend creating a softlink like so (in a terminal):

--- Code: ---cd freespace_2
ln -s Mediavps_2014 mediavps_2014

--- End code ---

And lastly, the FSO game engine doesn't create mod.ini file, modders create them & players install them.


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