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Old music in ogg



does anyone have the old music files encoded as ogg lying around somewhere.
I dislike the remixed music that was put into the new mediaVPs, but I unfortunately don't have any of the old FS_Port MediaVPs, so I only have the .wav... and if I could I'd rather not have to either encode them myself or change all the mission files to switch the .ogg for .wav.

Is there a reason why you can't simply use the original WAV files?  FSO will play those files just fine.  And those were the original files distributed with FreeSpace; re-encoding them into OGG will only cause a loss in quality.

I thought that the missions had been changed to play ogg and that just putting the wav files into the dada\music folder wouldn't do anything.

If I can just use the wav files without any editing, then there's no problem.

Thank you.

Edit: Just renaming the mv_fsport_music.vp was enough to get he old music back. I guess I was thinking too complicated.  :lol:

Yup, FS is smart enough to look for multiple file extensions.  Glad it's working. :)


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