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Black Wolf:
You do mean as an addendum to the LS nebs right, not a replacement?

General Battuta:
I think that would probably be good. I'm not sure these are necessarily drop-in replacements.

Black Wolf:
Yeah, definitely not - a lot of my BGs are designed to meld different shapes together neatly - I'm sure a lot of people do that. As nice as these nebs are, dropping them in 1 for 1 to existing missions would make a lot of backgrounds noticeably less pretty.

As is the case with effects and maps that are eventually replaced, background bitmaps shouldn't be an exception. As long as mediavps missions are updated, I see no problem with drop-in replacement. I'm sure there can be some sort of vp-file for deprecated mediavps assets for missions/mods that depend on mediavps and the current background bitmaps.

Black Wolf:
But effects and maps aren't individually applied...

No, wrong thread for this, and wrong forum. The screenies are awesome guys, I see lots to like. Been looking forward to ED for awhile, and now even more so :)


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