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General Battuta:
There are a lot of fantastic assets. The hard work is going to be pulling a campaign together around them. The story is actually firmed up pretty well and some semidecent missions have come together, and the new FREDders are a godsend.

Would sure as hell hope we don't take that long to release Act 1. But yeah, if the next MVP's are set to come out before our release, then why not.


--- Quote from: FreeSpaceFreak on November 10, 2010, 06:17:11 am ---No, for serious, don't get started on those textures. We've had a hundred texture schemes for those already, this really is the better-looking one.

--- End quote ---

Did you at least keep them? It'd be kinda nice to have a stock of existing retextures.

No, but I can recreate them and make a lot of new ones. I like that :).

These are the most rich images I have ever seen in a freespace mod (and that's saying a lot). I've found a new desktop background if that's ok.

I'll be paying attention to ED.


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