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One area of my research (and my lab's in general) is dynamically picking story elements based on game states. I'd be curious to see how well trying to update a campaign structure based on end state of a mission would go.

That's interesting. I think about having a mission generator where the next mission is based upon the outcome of the previous mission. Imagine a new story being created from, say, the destruction of the Colossus in High Noon. Usually you would have to repeat the mission, but this would allow the player to break free from such structures and explore alternate realities... but this is literally fantastic and unlikely to happen...

That's the gist of it. At the moment I'm trying to get an interrupt driven conversation system off the ground with the (very long term) goal of being able to use it in combination with that type of reactive planning I talked about. I have no idea if FSO's current version of campaign files are flexible enough to handle either of those two things but I have to get a prototype of something beforehand.

The other thing with FS (at least within my understanding of the current capabilities) is that all those possible missions would need to be hand authored and manually connected.

Unless you generate the campaign file dynamically too. There's not that much to a campaign file so it would be fairly easy.

Bryan See:
It's like making use of AI, namely Machine Learning.


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