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Disarming active missiles (again)?


I am in "weapon concept mode"-again (as I am typing I am also trying to proof of concept an idea for the weapon to create an in-game effect via SEXP, e.g. spawning another weapon, if it destroys a target; it is super fiddly and absolutely not scaleable) - and looking at the options in the weapons.tbl, I was wondering:

Is there a option to reverse the "armed" status (i.e. make it explode with a dinky explosion) of a missile that has been fired and that has passed its arm condition?

E.g. for the emp weapons to kill bombs without triggering the warhead's "normal" explosion, even if the warhead already "armed" (= met the conditions to no longer explode with a dinky explosion)...

This isn't currently an option, no, but I don't think it would be hard to implement. I'm thinking like a weapon flag "disarms weapons" or something, that will always cause dinky detonations of weapons it kills, regardless of their armed status.


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