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Has anyone ever tried using The Sims to make head anis?


I had this idea occur to me earlier, and I was wondering if it had ever been tried. I was thinking that you could put a Sim in some FS-style clothing, zoom in on them, have them talk, record it, then convert that recording into a head ani. It would let you make a lot of different characters for campaigns, and maybe even let them be more emotive. It might even be possible to mod Vasudans into The Sims and make anis for them as well.

It's worth trying,

Same thing could be done with SFM, it would just be a matter of getting a FreeSpace-looking character.

I think it would look way too obvious that it was taken from The Sims, subsequently taking the player out of the experience. I know it'd take me out of it at the very least.

Terrible idea imo


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