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Update 13/2/22(Still Alive) Working on new B5 mod.

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The solar pannels are a neat addition. Also makes sense to have them near the zero-g area of the station.

So i now have the EAS Orion Class station in game and working, even got the debris setup. Just need to work on the blinky lights. I have to say this one turned out far far better than i thought it would! Now i have a station, some cruisers and a dreadnaught, i think i need to start doing some Starfury's and civ ships.

Trivial Psychic:
Given the type of ships you are focusing on, it would appear that from an EA standpoint, you are planning on making an Earth-Minbari War campaign.  If that is the case, you may want to consider redoing the Olympus corvette and possibly adding the Cotton class tender.  It was intended to be in ITB and the model was even created, but it was not included in the movie.  Images of the model are few and far between, but a Google search brings up one still image and another with renders of a 3D model: B5 Tech Manual and Cult 3D.

The olympus is on my maybe to do list. The actual time frame i was looking at was around 2259, sound around the early part of season 2.  I has planned for it to be about  raiders/mercs attempting to acquire alien tech for their own use. Just a very short like 5 mission type set

If you are looking to add a bit of variety to your fighter line-up, might I suggest this unproducted design:

While it is billed as a fighter-bomber it could easily serve the role as an AEW Starfury or other utility craft

EDIT: forgot to mention it, but why I was thinking "Starfury-frame AWACs" is that it would fit rather well into your scenario (sniffing out raiders and smugglers) but also keeps the gameplay in the fighter-scale (where more interesting gameplay happens)


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