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Update 13/2/22(Still Alive) Working on new B5 mod.

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Ah Cool! thanks Orph! much appreciated!

Trivial Psychic:
There's some pretty nice models on that page, but that's only half of that site's appeal.  The Original Site (which now lacks any models) and a few of the ones on the new page have some pretty hilarious tech descriptions.  The new site also has some planet and sector names and descriptions as part of the ships pages, but some of them are also jokes if you look hard enough.

Ive been working on the Starfury model. Body done just to do the detailing. Man getting the wings right has been a right pain in the rear end, but i am happy with the result.

So i have been working on the Starfury model and texture today. I have also complete Debris for the model and despite having the mother of all hangovers!(got to love a xmas work night out!) I am surprised how well its come out!

Trivial Psychic:
You know, the current model has an actual modeled cockpit. :p


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