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Update 13/2/22(Still Alive) Working on new B5 mod.

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Yeah ive got 1 or 2 destroyable bits in there. ie the radar dish and the main cannons will leave debris once destroyed.

I have the Hyperion now working in game, with a Nova going up against some Shivans. Just testing this in BP as TBP is playing silly buggers with me. I'll get the Midwinter pof'ed up today and then its on to doing the blinkies on the ships(not a fan of those lol)

Colonol Dekker:
That's a sexy vessel..

How's it fare against a solaris?

Haha now thats the question! Now up against Shivans without beams, the shivans don't stand a chance. Need to put them up against the UEF lol

Ok so wee update, i have to the Midwinter variant now in game. I have started to now work on the EA Orion Station, i have put up several images on the HLP modelling discord. I have taken a small amount of artistic liberty with the orion as there are no clear images of the  rear and no to models seem to be the same. So i have done my own variation on it. I have added Solar panels to back, which is the biggest difference.


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