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RELEASE - Shadows of Kraken

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Woot! It's done, my very first campaign. :) Here's a brief snippet from the readme to give you the gist of it.

Mission Description:
In the days after Capella the GTVA sighed a heavy relief, the Shivans and the NTF were effectively gone. Now they begin to rebuild. Your mission today with the 23rd Marlins takes you inside a debris field in the Adhara system to search for savalagable cargo and supplies. Look out for anything suspicious.

What: A 5 mission mini-campaign.
Who: The 23rd Marlins, attached to the GTD Iphimedeia.
When: A week after Capella went supernova.
Where: Adhara, Epsilon Pegasi, and Polaris systems.
Why: Cause I felt like it.

I really really hope it is all balanced and fair cause my joystick recently just crapped out on me, and the mouse and keyboard aren't working out for dogfighting... Anyhow...

Download linky:

Anyway, have fun! :D

(Hopes he did everything right... *gulp*)

Can't wait, playing at this very moment... :)

Spoiler: I spy with my little eye something red...

ROTFL that's a classic!...

I spy with my little eye...:D That was cool indeed.

One minor flaw in M2 - the Towson (or what it was called - and, yeah, I know it wasn't supposed to do that) was destroyed and I got no "Return to base" order.

Apart from that : nicely done. :yes: Not the most original, but not bad either.

You are now on the main page, enjoy you 15 min of fame. Just kiddin ;).

Eek, better get that updated mission file up then... :nervous:

Boo-ya, tis up now. :)

Thx Windrunner for the main page spot. :)


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