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Well its kinda come down to some possibilities for this project.
First off, Styxx has been inactive for some time, I was wondering if anyone else has talked to or communicated somehow with him, if hes off the project yada yada. secondly if no one has communicated with him, should or even can we replace him as a mod?
also i have noticed some of the original team seems to be lacking in the department of givin a damn(as far as forum attitude goes) If they gave up, is there any possibility of getting whats done(mission outlines, missions, models ect.), someone else can pick up the baton and go you know, its not like the end of the world!


--- Quote ---is there any possibility of getting whats done(mission outlines, missions, models ect.)
--- End quote ---

No, well Styxx is only one who can decide things like that and since he haven't been around for a while

And no the team isn't on "I don't give a damn mode"... we're just very busy people, who have jobs\uni\whatever...

Although If I may say so, for someone who seems to claim to "give a damn", I haven't seen YOU doing anything in the last years to change the state of this project, except complain and moan...
Yeah we know, you don't know how to model\texture\FRED\whatever... guess what that was never an excuse, because it isn't that hard to learn any of those.
TBH it tickles me that for all this years I see people asking us to get stuff done, and yet they do nothing themselves to get things done.

That said, I don't agree on Gloriano's opinion.
Styxx has just disapeared of the radar... he doesn't even show up on MSN for a long time (which is strange). Heck he might even be dead (exagerating, and of course I hope not) for all we know.
Given that its up to the rest of the crew to decide what to do next. Not the forum moderators, not the fans, not anyone else. We are aware of all the options, so don't worry.

IMO, unless some miracle worker comes around and gives everyone tons of motivation and reorganizes the project, MT is in hibernation.

Could I help the MT Project out? I mean, I've been in HLP for about 4/5's of a year but I haven't really contributed much, so I could I start here?
Not really great at anything apart from FREDding, but hey, I'm still learning.
So I'd be happy to join, if you want me.


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