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3.6.16 multiplayer setup instructions - Games Thrusday 8PM GMT

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Yes it is there and has all my single player profiles

Is there a multiplayer folder that should be there?

Okay I checked my Freespace 2 player folder and sure enough there was a multi folder. I added that and now I can add a pilot for multiplayer. This is a fresh install from the DVD so not sure why it didn't make those folders.

Apologies for the bump, but is there another copy of the B5 multi missions somewhere?

The VP in the first post appears corrupt or something and I can't extract it. Just trying to get a hold of the missions so that I can validate them on PXO.

The URL was mispelled. and  I don't know what the difference is.

I noticed that and managed to get it downloaded previously. However the VP file is corrupted or truncated and my vp utilities detect this and won't extract it. FSO ignores that problem though and will use what it can, but I would prefer to not add files to the database with questionable integrity.


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