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MindGames isn't dead...

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Still have hope it'll resurrect one day. I like the idea behind it very much.

I think it's actually more on hiatus than dead, much like machina and the scroll... Perhaps kara might give us more info!

and yeah, a campaign centering on the rare vasudan elements stranded on earth is quite uncommon. I would love to see more!

Scroll is making progress. It's slow, but it's progress nonetheless.

great to hear indeed! could you also comment on mindgames, topace?

I can't say much, because there isn't much to say. The last internal post is from March 2008.

Though I have an MG badge, I am (was?) not a core MG staffer. I only FREDded some missions. I don't know what's going on behind the scenes, if there's anything.


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