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So I just created an account to see if anyone still playes this mod online?I've been eager and I have questions as well as problems that need answers.
For example with the Multiplayer package everytime I want to play a mission with a player controllable cap ship the game crashes. I can do all of the other missions that only consist of fighter/bomber craft. I would like to try out some cap ship mayhem but no dice.

I've linked some of the basic stuff on Moddb needed to play this mod online so perhaps we may get more players.

Yes, people play this mod on and off right now. We announce multiplayer game days on the forums so check this board from time to time. Other than that, the best place to look for a game is the IRC multiplayer channel. Name yourself Petroph and ask about bp multi. You can also try typing in IRC /join #hard-light

You can't play in TvT games by yourself, but you should be able to play the other capship games if you installed bp multi correctly. Make sure you have files in freespace2/blueplanet2_multi/data/tables. You can also try to recheck the install directions here

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I've linked some of the basic stuff on Moddb needed to play this mod online so perhaps we may get more players.

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Thanks for doing that! The more, the merrier.

Ya, I have everything up today and all that, but I can run other missions like coop that involve some cap ship control but the game always crashes. Always does that to a mission with cap ship control. I can't start the team vs team games up but even if i had players I have a feeling it would still crash. So obviously something is wrong. I just don't know what :(

Make sure you are running a recent nightly build, 3.6.12 does not work with some most missions.

Move the .exe file from freespace2/blueplanet2_multi into your freespace2 root directory and select it using the launcher. The one provided in the SVN has been tested to work with multi.

EDIT: I can only guess at what's wrong unless you provide a debug log. You might want to take the time to post one here if you want to find out what's wrong. here's how Scroll all the way down to the part where they tell you how to post a debug log. 

THANKS!! I got everything running great. I didn't see the new 3.6.13 FS2Open file. Now..... I just need people to play with ;)


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