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How to add mechs to MCO

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I am reading through your tutorial and already have a question' You have the following in step one:

Fragment from corresponding FIT file (in Object2):

The problem is that I have not found anything (yet) on how to work on, read, modify, etc FIT files.

I am looking at the following entry for the Repairbay2 in buildings.CSV and trying to interpret what each item means


 Here is what I have come up with so far based on the first line in buildings.CSV

Name ID                            RepairBay2                     
Group ID                            26
Name ID                              34248   
Type                                   BUILDING
FIT ID                                 79
SPECIAL TYPE                    ,
ALIGNMENT?                      0
CAPTURABLE                      0
Draw Building On TacMap  0
TGA Filename (if any),        0
Mechlopedia Scale             0.8
Mission Briefing scale        0.4

I am interpreting that the ,, after BUILDING means that the next entry (SPECIAL TYPE) is blank.  There are other entries where ,, is used as well.

Now lets look at a mech entry


It has two places with the ,, - in this case I believe that means that Mechlopedia Scale is blank/not used.

About my last post concerning FIT files - Notepad reads them just fine. Is this what should use to modify the FIT files?

Another question. You have the following in step 1:
Fragment from corresponding FIT file (in Object2):

l ObjectTypeNum=1

st Name="RepairBay2"
 It is NOT clear to me what the "corresponding FIT file  (in Object2)" is.

in "1.3
Every mech must have a file MCL_MC_ MyMechName.tga. It is used for mechlab in logistics."   Just to clarify: Are these the files located in MechCommanderOmnitech\data\art?

I think that's all I have for part 1. Now I get to go fix supper and later on back to reading this again.

Use Notepad to open and modify, FIT, CSV, and ABL files.

Using excel for CSV-s will corrupt the file on save.

Ignore Object2 file. It is obsolete.

Every mech must have a file MCL_MC_ MyMechName.tga. It is used for mechlab in logistics." These the files located in MechCommanderOmnitech\data\art.

Also mech entry:


can be now:


It can read both, reference number from mc2res.dll and string_name. You cant use both at the same time.

"Using excel for SCV-s will corrupt the file on save."
Don't mean to sound so ignorant (even though I am when it comes to MCO) - but - what is SCV-s?

I will update the re-write and include this information.


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