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Will do ASAP. Apologies I missed that note on the release page.


 1: the HUD does not scale when I set $HUD scaling: to Yes , and with my 1920 x 1080 resolution it is very game-brakingly hard to read anything on the HUD or use the targeting reticle. have you checked to make sure that all the different HUDs scale properly?

 2: as said, many things in the Techroom are description-less. / have late-FS2 or other mod descriptions with them.

 3: the new Hippocrates model is not used, not impotent, but, still.

 sorry for nitpicks,

General Battuta:
I feel like ships haring off into nowhere might be some kind of engine bug...

yeah, I've seen a few other people report that issue (using nightlies) on IRC, a suitable repro case from a motivated person would be super helpful at tracking it down & squashing it

Were the ships that were "haring of into nowhere" being ordered to enter a Canberra fighter bay?

I had a similar issue recently when I was working on my own mod.  Whenever I told a ship to enter the Canberra's bay, every once in a while it would go on a little sight seeing trip about 10Km behind it first, restricting the return path fixed it. I was going to but I forgot to tell BlackWolf about that. whoopees.

PS: The HUD is unusable without scaling for me, I don't want to be demanding but can you please look into this?


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