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Any interest in testing the original/new PXO?

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--- Quote from: Mongoose on April 30, 2017, 10:10:54 pm ---If you got in touch with the remaining D3 server ops, they might be interested in helping you out too.  I'm not sure it'd serve much practical purpose, since the community's been using their own server tracker(s) for a decade now, but might be worth a shot.

--- End quote ---
Yeah, that's on the todo list after things are in a more complete state. D3 is tricky anyway due to the hardcoded URLs, and I don't want to discuss anything with them unless it's 100% ready to use.

Hmm.  What timeframe are you thinking for testing?

The tracker is up and going already but I need a day or two in order to get the website ready to go live. I've only been working on the website since this past week so there is a lot missing, but I need to at least get some extra security measures in place before making it public.

So hopefully it will be online late tomorrow, maybe the day after. I'll post here with all the details when it's ready.

The website should be up now if anyone wants to go ahead and register. It's very, very early in the development of the website though, so some stuff is missing, some stuff is broken, and it looks like ****. What should work fine is logging in, logging out, registering, and viewing & verifying your account. Rankings should also work. When you register you'll get an email with a link to validate your account. Until it's validated you won't be able to log in to the tracker or chat server. If you don't get the email, or the link doesn't work, email me at [email protected] and I'll set it manually.

I'll get some builds and source for the version posted later today, but you should be able to try it out with the retail version in the meantime if you like.

Grab multi.cfg for FS2 here:
For FS1 grab and

The site is at

Windows builds of the version are now available:

Release build:
Debug build:

Source will be released in a couple of hours.

After extracting one of the zips just copy the retail VPs into the directory. The filenames will conflict with the retail version, so don't put them in the same directory. These builds are not compatible with any FSO VPs, configs, or options.

freespace2.exe is the launcher. Using it is not required, but will be easier to copy/paste your PXO credentials in there than in game.

fs2.exe is the game binary. It is perfectly safe to run this without having used the launcher first since it will set all config defaults automatically. The debug build will default to windowed mode, the release will default to fullscreen. You can use the GUI + f key combo to toggle between fullscreen and windowed modes (Windows 10 may screw this up). Another key combo in the debug build that switched modes is ~ + F3. The graphics code will try to init with OpenGL ES 2, then fall back to OpenGL 1.x if that fails. The GLES2 renderer looks a little better, but doesn't have much of a performance difference.

fs2standalone.exe is the standalone server GUI. This is only needed if you want the normal GUI. Using the -standalone cmdline option with the fs2 binary will start standalone without a GUI, making the web interface available on whatever port the standalone is running at (default: The web interface requires no external resources nor does it make any external connections.


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