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Excellent. If you are of age, got some GREAT little dives you should visit (but if you are of age, you probably already know about them ;)).

Have you been following the engine threads, Phreak?

im 17 now, will learn about those places soon Inqui. :nod:

I read dave's comments and the whole engine thread, pretty good ideas floating around.  I'm busy with schoolwork ATM though

Just checking. Schools more important than just about everything else, so ;(

Too bad. Kent's a decent school, if they can drop the whole  "May 4th" thing.

Ok, back on topic.

And, now that I am back, serious work can commence.

You guys done anything while I was gone?


Stryke 9:
Left, and returned with my own idea of a good time.

By the way, I also have gotten a few mildly prestigious awards for things that have nothing to do with 3D rendering while I was out, and I wanna know if we're converting FS models or making completely new ones before I decide...

I've got some new models (500 polys to over an estimated 2 million on one), and I'd very much like to use them here, but they're... different than the standard FreeSpace types. In that they look like anything but fighter planes and flying boats.


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