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Alright. By the way, do you think the mission is too easy/hard at the moment, or is it good enough? Oh, the reason why I didn't add any Vasudan ships is because I imagined the fleet we see is part of the Terran fleet. I'm assuming that if there were any Vasudans, they'd be providing cover to the GVD Memphis and can't be bothered to defend Terran ships.

The mission is very well balanced, and IMHO is also one of those few missions in which balance isn't that important (the goal is protecting the Julius, not the GTVA fleet). I'd say to add more content, especially messages, to make the mission more epic. :)

I think at least one wing of Vasudan fighters protecting Terran ships would be nice, but the final choice is up to you.

Mission uploaded. Hope I didn't break anything. Seeing as I'm heading to college tomorrow night, this might be my last time FREDding.

Eliminated bomber waves
Added a Vasudan wing
Added more messages
Attempted to arrange Y-axis better
Fixed a few typos
Subtracted some of the cruisers and corvettes that aren't in the battlefield
Added a message for one of the disabled ships
Fixed a message placement
Locked warp until near the node*

*Before, I allowed warp before because I wanted the player to have the option of running away from the battlefield at the expense of the mission. You'd still lose for being a coward. I decided to get rid of it because it's a pretty dumb idea after all.

Buckshee Rounds:
Hi Syphe. One little niggle I found while looking at your mission in FRED. The no jump event specifies that Alpha 1 never-warps when distance to the node is less than 500. Shouldn't it be more than, or is it intentional? I quite liked your mission otherwise, a few more messages would've been nice. The Castrum crashes into the Julian in some playthroughs, a waypoint path instead of a stay-close order would fix it. The Shivan Ravana always crashes into the Knossos and has a nice merry-go-round with it. After all ships have completed their waypoints the Shivans have a huge group hug at the node, which looks odd. If you could fix these it would be pretty sweet.

The jump node thing will eventually be replaced altogether. Waypoints, yeah, I'll get that straightened out eventually. >.<


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