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Buckshee Rounds:
You going to take out the node then? I wasn't sure from the mission description if it is supposed to be there or not since mission 9 takes place at the Epsilon Pegasi node.

Ouch, I knew I forgot something. :sigh:

I don't have the full report here but I do remember that the mission was affected by multiple issues, many of which have been already mentioned by Buckshee Rounds. Work more on ship replacements, add more messages and the mission will be fine. :)


Made lots of big changes. Added more waypoints and deleted the node because the Julius isn't supposed to reach it yet. Also removed the Knossos because no mention of the Knossos is made anywhere. Added "objectives" for disabling beam turrets. Possibly removed all waves at the expense of making the mission harder. The length of the mission is shorter, though, so as long as you stay alive, everything should be fine.


--- Quote ---Unrecognized operator.

In sexpression: ( or
   ( has-departed-delay 0 "Balian" )
   ( <= ( hits-left "Fortitude" ) 30 )
(Error appears to be: <=)
<no module>! KiFastSystemCallRet
<no module>! WaitForSingleObject + 18 bytes
<no module>! <no symbol>
<no module>! <no symbol>

--- End quote ---

Is that even possible to do in FRED? Did you use Notepad?

General Battuta:
Mobius, are you still using **** old FRED? If so you are missing out.


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