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first monifications :))

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hey everyone

well first off i am reporting on avengers work, not mine

ok now everyone has figured out its easy to increase tbl limits and such but we're only at the beginning : heres a report on the changes implemented by avenger for the babylon project thus far, note some are for testing purposes we're still making sure these things actually work :)

WORK LIST THUS FAR -  you will like some of the new stuff :D

Revisions to the source code by Martin "Avenger/Malard" Ellis

If you find any problems with the modifications i have made, please tell me, if you
have any improvements you would like to see also please tell me and i will see what
i can do for you.

Revisions for Date : 26/04/02

------New SEXP (Engine Only) "term-mission"------

This much the same as the red-alert counter part allows you to end a mission without
a warp out. Not yet tested, but i think it should work, i have spent over 3 hours
trying to implement it in FRED2, which absolutly sucks, its like nearly impossible
to use, once you have a degree in fred usage, trying to code in its like trying to
walk up mt everest butt nacked. So i given up on FRED2, can a mission designer please
test this flag out, ue a red-alert flag in FRED2 then replace that with term-mission
via notepad or the likes. If it works great,if not tell me what happens, this update
is still very much a W.I.P.

Files Affected:



-------Game Crashes on Multiplayer Options-------

Fixed Bug which stopped the multiplayer options menu from being correctly displayed.
This was likely due to the rip DaveB did, getting rid of PXO support, he did alright
in the main but prolly forgot about this bit, all i did was REM out the affecting
lines, this means that u can goto the multiplayer options screen but the text fields
that would be where Username/Password/Squad would be are not there, it might look it
but trust me they arnt there.

Files Affected:



---Added Support For Pre-exising '$Ambient light level' Flag---

This is a wierd one, not only was most of the code there, it was also commented on
in both locations, i find it hard to believe that they spent the effort implementing
the flag in FRED2 and also in the Parser, yet they never finished it off, nor any
idication that they made any attempt to do so. The comment about saying this is
where it should go and such, but all it took was 5 minutes of my time to implement
it and it would have taken even less time for them to implement it. Very wierd

Files Affected:



-------Set Default Ambience Level to 0.00f-------

At Request of CptWhite_UK the ambience light is set as default to 0.00f so if the
flag is not found in a mission file it will use that as default before it was at
0.15f so there isn't really that much difference for most people but for TBP there
is a major difference.

Files Affected:



-------Enabled Debugging Option Press 'L'--------

Thanks to DaveB's post on the VWBB that i found tucked under a heap of other ****
was a way to enable a secret, not really bug proof menu, this is pretty cool its
gonna save Beta testers and mission designers endless amounts of time. Simply press
'L' in the main hall while in single player mode to bring up a list of missions.
Pretty cool and should be a big time saver!

Files Affected:



I am also asked for avenger to be unbanned, from what he tells me he did nothing wrong really, but was hacking around - LIKE PROGRAMMERS DO !!!! ffs he's not a bad guy unlike some others i know ...... cheers

Sounds like we're off to a good start.  (-:

This source stuff is soo cool.  


Wasn't Avernger working on a new 3D engine or something when he got banned?

probably, he's been exiled for some time now, found the thread about it deep the hosted staff forum....waiting to hear the admins' opinions because from what i read he did some pretty bad stuff.


--- Quote ---Originally posted by LtNarol
probably, he's been exiled for some time now, found the thread about it deep the hosted staff forum....waiting to hear the admins' opinions because from what i read he did some pretty bad stuff.
--- End quote ---

he looked at privates forums. I would have cared if he had shown stuff etc, but he didn't do more, so for my part I don't give a damn if he hacked my staff forum or not. He's one of the best progs around, and I won't ask for him to get hold away just because of misplaced pride.


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