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Anyone got 20 megs to spare?

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Click the FreeSpace Forever Demo link.

20 megs.

F4 brings up a vehicle menu for either a Uly or a Serapis, the weapons are simple dumbfire missiles, no objectives in the map yet.

F3 respawns.

Catch me on ICQ/AIM/MSN if you want the tour. I have NOT tested this beyond a quic "does it work" test, but it's based on my Friendly Fire code and scripts, so, it shouldn't be a problem. Maps don't have any objectives (mostly because I forgot) but alot of this stuff is server side, so, if we play online, I can update your map automagically.

You NEED 16 megs of video RAM and the latest drivers for your card (I have heard of it working on 8) and you may have trouble if you are a voodoo user. Windows only (just haven't set up a *nix dev environment, call me lazy).

This is NOT FreeSpace Forever. This is a demonstration of what you can do with a licensed engine, in about 2 hours, if you know your way around it. It is also not a finished game. Just a demo.

So quit yer *****in'


p.s. I forgot to redo the credits, so, thanks to Thunder, Skyflash and Ryx for various art related things :)

p.p.s. you need this for sound:

Stryke 9:
I do, but I'm also incredibly lazy, and not inclined to downloads of an insecure nature at midnight. Gimme some pictures.:D

It crashed for me. Dunno why.

Could be any number of things, likely culprit is your video card.

Catch me on ICQ 37097749.

Stryke: I've posted screenies before, it's the same thing, and right now *I* am too lazy to post more. It's there if you want it :)

Very impressive Inquisitor. Reminded me of how we all want terrain combat in FS2, and of the Freespace FPS project.


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