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Release: Between The Ashes [UPDATED 16th of May 2022]

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Updated to 1.6.8

* Reduce volume of a Mefistofele briefing audio file
* Add missing solar flare HUD Gauge
* Add directive to Gulnara Heist instructing the player to wait
* Correctly clear the Haupman directive in Shell Game
* Remove the ability to give Gavel orders in Shell Game
* Make sure Gavel avoids the blast area in Shell Game
* Make sure the cargo crate in Shell Game doesn't disappear too early
* Antares Station in the system map now shows the under-construction Arcadia instead of the completed one
* Fix issue with training directives in Camp Angel
* Fix broken transition cutscene in Camp Angel
* Give Intrepid some armor in Gerar's Judgement to ease the difficulty
* Remove the custom Typhon pof and remove references to unused turrets 16-27

Updated to 1.6.9

* Limit how long Famine wing sticks around at the end of Shell Game
* Adjust debrief recommendations in Black Flag
* Ensure Kuk lives in Camp Angel
* Ensure the Cardinal's hull cannot be saved at 0 even if the easter egg is triggered in Camp Angel
* Change the easter egg trigger to require that the player has cheats enabled
* Prevent the easter egg from triggering by resetting the trigger key in Camp Angel
* Change Alpha wing briefing icons to Hercules in To Steal A March On
* Ensure the Cardinal cannot be set to 0 health in To Steal a March On and The Texas Seven
* Revoke ability to give orders to special Alpha marker ship in To Steal A March On
* Fix duplicate event name in To Steal A March On
* Add additional checks to ensure the player AI really does play dead during the terminal sequence in The Texas Seven
* Revoke ability to give orders to Commander Rai dummy object in The Armageddon Clock
* Replace The Texas Seven loading image

Updated to 1.6.10

* Remove Greenbark from the comms board in The Armageddon Clock
* Prevent Support from kidnapping Alpha 1 in Rebels and Revolutionaries
* Stop maneuver events from repeating as an attempt to fix the runaway dropship in Rebels and Revolutionaries
* Remove GTC from Bunker Hill in Operation: Market
* Resolve spelling error in Operation: Garden briefing
* Mark the waypoint in Warm Welcome even if the player untargets it
* Match briefing icons to in-mission ships in Acts of Volition
* Delete various events that never worked and are now flagged by FSO builds greater than 21.4

Updated to 1.6.11

* Prevent Vizer tag directive from becoming true early in Black Flag
* Make the Zoom In and Close buttons more visible on the System Map
* Instruct the player to use a specific node in Chasing the Threat (Templar)
* Disallow wingment from attacking Taurus wing in Chasing the Threat (Templar)
* Discourage player from spawn camping Nagada Outpost in Final Outpost (Templar)
* Set Egress nodes to new model and change color to orange in Camp Angel
* Match briefing icons to in-mission ships in Groundhog Day
* Change Masada Station to Endymion instead of Archeron on the System Map
* Change Antares Federation ships on the System Map to match the ships seen in missions
* Add a branch to How the West Was Lost for the player clears hostiles early to allow the player to depart early. Add new voice lines to the branch.
* Prevent accidental AWOL in How the West Was Lost
* Change planet bitmap in Going Out With A Bang to one of the 8 Antares planets instead of a generic bitmap
* Allow Tempest missile in Templar
* Many miscellaneous spelling fixes and mission file cleanups

Updated to 1.7.0

This is a major update bringing the public modpack to parity with the development BtA2 modpack.

* Updates most lua sexps and scripts to add functionality and bugfixes
* Updates all checkpoints to use new checkpoint notification sexps
* Fix Albanus POF issue
* Rename HoL Aten in Acts of Volition from Taweret to Resheph
* Ensure Faustus solar panels are not rotating in The Armageddon Clock
* Backport some additional text-only HUD gauges from BtA2
* Update Axmsg script with custom functionality to display when messages are on a secure channel and update missions to use the feature
* Backport ai profiles and game settings flags from Bta2 for modpack parity
* Restructure modpack files to match BtA2
* Use updated Templar voice files
* Minor updates to briefing icons and allow additional colors for icons and text, a BtA2 feature
* Upgrade torpedo particles
* Add some cockpit warning sounds for various events
* Many spelling fixes in tables and missions
* Masada Redoubt arms are now fully animated in The Armageddon Clock and Groundhog Day
* Angel Outpost gets a custom closeup label in Camp Angel
* Add loading screen sounds feature and use that to place subspace effect for The Texas Seven
* Add new in-mission jump script and convert all missions to use the script jump instead of manual sexps to jump
* Fix discrepancy between Campaign and Barracks mainhall hotkeys
* Require MediaVPs 4.6.x and update modpack to be compatible


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