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And no, I'm not just talking about FRED.  wxFRED is churning along at whatever pace it's churning, and will hopefully arrive some day.  But there are numerous other tools at this point that could maybe use a little cross platform attention which would help the community.

wxLauncher seems to be in a good state on the three major platforms, but I hope to test it on FreeBSD before 3.8.

PCS2 still has some issues compiling for Mac last I checked.  I am curious if anyone with a Linux desktop has had any success compiling and running it?

Knossos seems to be heavily developed with cross-platform support in mind, so I don't have too many concerns there.  But I imagine I will also be the one trying to supply builds of it for FreeBSD as well.

FS2 has a really nice nightly/release system in place now thanks mostly to m|m.  But it would be excellent if we could start expanding that to our other tools as well.  They don't see as much work but having this automated might ensure they keep working when they do have changes made, and that builds are available for testing by all.  It would also blueprint the build procedure for anyone else attempting to build from source on various platforms.  PCS2, wxLauncher, Knossos could all benefit from this.  wxLauncher and PCS2 are currently both already hosted on our SCP git org, but maybe we should discuss if we'd like to get Knossos under that umbrella at some point too, to benefit from our existing permissions configuration with users, third party hosts, etc.

PCS2 works "fine" under Linux (it doesn't work with wxWidgets 3 yet though). I compiled and used it a few times already.

A CI and nightly environment for wxLauncher and PCS2 could be done but it will probably take some time, especially on Mac since I have no way of developing for that platform.

Good to hear about PCS2.  I'll do some more looking into the Mac issue and see if we can't get the big 3 working with it too.  Then we just need to improve visibility of releases, hopefully with the CI stuff.  I feel like PCS2 is the worst about "which build should I be using" types of questions these days.  I will do what I can to help with Mac and other platform support.  For what it's worth though, I have managed to set up usable VMs for both OS X and FreeBSD in VirtualBox that would probably be 'good enough' for anyone interested in doing their own cross platform testing.  The FreeBSD one can even start the actual game.

I have a MacOSX installation image but I never got it to run with VirtualBox because Apple had to do something special with their stuff. At that point I gave up on MacOSX support until either Apple or VirtualBox fix their issues.

I've had success with the ones with modified kernels to support more generic x86 hardware, generally these are your hackintosh images.  There's usually a howto somewhere for the latest mac version some time after its release.


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