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I only ever got around to giving this one weapon decals, So I don't have an answer to your question, unfortunately.

--- Code: ---$Name:                                  Maser Gun Mod IVB
$Alt Name: Maser Gun
+Title:                                 XSTR("Maser Gun Mod IVB (Medium)", -1)
XSTR("Effective range: 1400
Damage type: Energy
Damage: 5-30 vs Hull, 5-20 vs Shield
Rate of Fire 0.35 - Cycle | Power usage 0.8", -1)
+Tech Title:     XSTR("Maser Gun Mod IVB (Medium)", -1)
+Tech Anim:     none
+Tech Description:
XSTR("Maser weapon technology has been experimented with for years, but never managed to find much popularity. The Maser atracts nearby ether in its flight path, increasing the amount of energy it will discharge on the target. Making the weapon destructive at long range but weak when used at point blank range.", -1)
$Model File: none
@Laser Bitmap: 2_laserglow03
@Laser Glow: glowLaser
@Laser Color: 20, 150, 45
@Laser Color2: 255, 255, 255
@Laser Length: 5
@Laser Head Radius: 0.2
@Laser Tail Radius: 0.2
$Mass:                                  0.05
$Velocity:                              800
$Fire Wait:                             0.35
$Damage:                                5
$Damage Time: 1.25
+Attenuation Damage: 30
$Damage Type:                          Energy
$Armor Factor: 1.0
$Shield Factor: 0.67
$Subsystem Factor: 1.0
$Lifetime:                  1.75
$Energy Consumed: 0.8
$Cargo Size: 0         
$Homing:                                NO
$LaunchSnd:                            339                 
$ImpactSnd:                            87
$FlyBySnd: 263
$Flags:                                ( "player allowed" "cycle" "Particle Spew" )
$Icon:                                  wi_mazer
$Anim:                                  wa_mazer
$Impact Effect: MazerImpact
$Muzzleflash: Gmuzzle
+Type: Helix
+Count: 1
+Time: 20
+Vel: 0.35
+Radius: 0.3
+Life: 1.0
+Scale: 10
+Rotation Rate: 1
+Bitmap: particle_green
$FOF: 0.001
+FOF Spread Rate: 0.015
+FOF Reset Rate: 0.15
+Max FOF: 1.5
$Impact Decal: Burnmark
 +Radius: 4
 +Lifetime: (4.0 4.0)
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---#Decals

$Decal: Burnmark
+Diffuse: capflash

--- End code ---

I can reproduce the crash fairly easily on further testing. It basically always seem to happen when this weapon is being fired into a ship that has just exploded. I recorded a webm:
The crash happens when the vid stops. As far as I can tell, it doesn't really seem to matter what ship type is being destroyed. Can also reproduce with a fighter for example.

Ok, I was guessing that it had something to do with how the engine handles debris.

I'll have to do some research to determine when and how the engine changes the object types of ships that are exploding. The easiest solution would be to simply check the object type but I would like to have a better solution that fixes the root cause.

I have submitted a small pull request which will track the original object type and mark decals as invalid if the object type changes. This will also output a log message when this happens which may make finding the actual source of this bug easier.


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