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Gonna have to announce yet another setback as I have to go back and redo all the weapons and then tweak balance and so on. Art is also progressing absurdly slowly because I can't seem to get much to look good right now. Overall, it's just nowhere even remotely close to the quality I'd want this thing to have, so I'll probably need to take the rest of this year just to shore up all the low quality bits.

I am deeply sorry if I'd gotten anyone's hopes up, and I recommend to not expect too much from this mod. It's going to be released but it won't be anything revolutionary or even new.

Though, before I go off and work on that (while also dealing with moving to another country) I'm also uploading a build to Knossos that contains the Demo, a remaster of OCaD and two simulator missions to get another taster of the gameplay.


Giving proof that this mod is in fact, still alive. I'm about a couple gameplay missions away from being finished with the flight portions of Act 1. Main chunk of work left to do then is VN art and segments.

Update for 2022 and onwards:

I will be drastically cutting back on public updates, and the planned open beta is cancelled. Development has slowed down dramatically, and I cannot guarantee any release of any kind until well beyond February 2022.

I will also no longer be posting art updates.

Sad to hear that. Take care of yourself!
We'll be waiting when it's ready!


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