Author Topic: 3D printing cross-universe spaceships to the same scale  (Read 333 times)

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3D printing cross-universe spaceships to the same scale
I don't have a 3D printer (yet?), but I have a 3D printing dream: I want to print all the spaceships we all know and love, from various sci-fi universes (FS obv, but also Star Wars, Star Trek, Homeworld, BSG, Mass Effect, etc), all at the same scale, so you could compare their relative sizes.

I'm thinking that the best number would be a 1:10,000 scale, so a 717m GTCv Deimos would come out 7.17cm long, or a 1.6km Imperial Star Destroyer would be 16cm long. That scale covers most of the beloved capital ships, with the Normandy SR-2 being on the small end at 216m / 2.16cm, and the Homeworld Mothership being at the larger end of things, with a height of 2.138km / 21.38cm. Sadly, the Death Star remains well outside the realm of printability, with DS1's 120km diameter coming out to be 12m "printed" at scale. O.O

Anyway, I haven't begun the project in earnest, mainly because I don't have a 3D printer yet. I've done a bit of poking around to see if anyone's already done something like this, but I've come up empty. Is anyone around here more involved in the 3D printing scene, and has perhaps heard of a similar project?
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Re: 3D printing cross-universe spaceships to the same scale
Fellow HLP member and human miracle Magnitospheria has quite a few insights into how to atleast 3d print Freespace models. It's not specific to your thing, but it could help you get started.


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Re: 3D printing cross-universe spaceships to the same scale
I've not heard of a similar project, but I'd love to see you realise it.   My attempts are not happening due to RL work scheduling.