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Sneaking about, and looking good doing it.

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HTL Pegasus.

The model is now fully finished (hopefully) and officially released.

This ship still doesn't have shinemaps, and what I did won't be near as obvious without them.  And yes, the pilot is to scale.  I still have no idea how he fit.

I've also got the Hippocrates and Typhon in the HTL process.  Both of those are coming very slowly though.

EDIT: Oh boy, there's some kind of artifact underneath these things that's only visible in certain situations.  I'll have to fix that up a bit before this is ready for prime-time.  But if anyone knows where a shinemap might be hiding, it'd greatly improve what I'm trying to do here.

Wow, it certainly looks promising...

Col. Fishguts:
Promising ? That thing is teh hotness ...really needs a shinemap though.

Uh... why the hell does a spacecraft have intakes?!?

Other than that, it's a good start! :yes:

They use the dark matter for propulsion of course! :nod:

The design looks pretty good. It was a great looking ship to start with and now it's even better. Just waiting to see this one with animated glowmaps...


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