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Q. Is this project still alive? I thought it just restarted!
A. It's alive, I promise you. It's just the public forum is a bit empty.

Q. Can we have some screeshots?
A. Ask shiv_pl or pecenipicek. I am very sure they would just ignore you. EDIT: There is a teaser thread in the stickied section.

Q. Can I join the project?
A. Sure, but check if a position is open, and then contact shiv_pl or pecenipicek.

Q. What positions are open?
* FREDder: Open
* Table Editor: Open
* Storyline Writer: Closed
* Modeler: Open
* Texture Map Maker: Open
* Wiki Maintainer: Closed
* Sound effects arist: Open
* Music composer: Open
Open - means we might take in anyone who passes the bill.
Semi-Open - we might or we might not take you in. No hard feelings.
Closed - sorry, we're not taking anyone for that place anymore.

In addition, you will have to provide at least one example of your previous work. Open a new thread about your reason for joining TAP and give examples.

Q. Can I add/edit the wiki page of TAP?
A. As long as it is relevant, you are free to make any edits to it.

Q. When is the release date of XXX (Demo/Final)?
When it is done, and please do not bug any of the members about it.

Q. What is the development status?
A. Pecenipicek decided not to release any form of information of the status of the project, since he wants to avoid generating any sort of hype.

Q. I know a lot about Homeworld. Is there a way I can share my knowledge?
A. You can edit/add things inside the wiki in the Homeworld section.

Q. Is there something similar to a salary?
A. No. So that means you have to give up your hopes of making money here and go work in some fast food resturant instead.[/list]

Specifically what kind of work would the tablers be looking at? Like newtonianish combat, special stuff, or just general editing like tabling ships and weapons?

Well, I dont really know since its not my part but there's no newtonianish combat in HW and certainly there wont be here.

IIRC there isn't an actual Newtonian physics system in HW2 but, HW2 is in general a lot more similar to it.

EDIT: Wait, is TAP porting HW1 or HW2 into FS? The old screenshots were HW2 stuff, but I don't know how much you guys are changing/scrapping from the previous project.


the tables need balancing. in some... somewhat amusing ways. interested?


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