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Yeah, that's the error I got >.<


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Um... Swantz? "The Filetype did not upload" Something about "Stream-Octets or something. All it is is my INF folder in a .7Z.
Can you screenshot the error? Which uploader did you use (large files or small files?)


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Small. It was 130 MB. I don't want to screenshot it, that would entail another 1:30 of waiting.
Gettin' back to dodgin' lasers.


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I'd like to get Inferno R1 running on a Mac, having played it on Windows in the past.

Unfortunately, all the files on the Inferno site are presented as .exe installers. Would it be possible to get the straight-up VPs so I can set up a mod folder?

you can d/l the Mac/Linux  friendly archive here


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Thank you! I haven't tried it yet (download still in progress), but assuming it works, it's just what I'm looking for.

A link to said version should be added to the Inferno page and the stickies here.

I've found I can extract most .exe archives on mac with either The Unarchiver: or darwine: (right click > Open With > Wine Helper)
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