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Silly teaser time... also to show the scale of things. the fighters are 17 meters long, 4 meters high (approximately)... the box is 1 meter wide and 1 meter long and 2 meters high. the fella with the loincloth is a bit below 2 meters. (1.7 or 1.8 dunno...)

(for the ignorant, i was doing some more modelling on the carrier and i felt like doing something somewhat silly)

as for the carrier, well current progress.

Ooh, nice.  I'm just about to start playing the original Homeworld for the first time, so I'll hopefully soon have some experience with all of these ships. :)

people notice this only when i punted the old thread back into the archives XD this post has been here since july XD

Mongoose: it has. :lol: The shots still look nice regardless.

I always liked homeworld Higarian designs, the look so cool, and the weapon effects they use in game are gorgeous, you got some screens about that features? I mean armament effects?


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