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This is a community project to build a War in Heaven multiplayer, using a public SVN as a way to rapidly distribute balance tweaks and new missions. SVN is incredibly easy to use and really powerful. Follow the simple steps below to get set up!

To install BP multi on your computer:

* Make sure you have Blue Planet 2 correctly installed, including Blue Planet 1, the 3.6.12 MVPs, and all patches*
* Install TortoiseSVN - guaranteed malware free
* Create a folder in your FreeSpace 2 directory called blueplanet2_multi
* Right click on it and hit 'SVN Checkout'
* Enter the following address in the 'URL of repository' field:
* Press okay!
* Select blueplanet2_multi as your mod in the launcher, and assuming you have an FS2NetD account and everything is set up right, enjoy!*Make sure you install the latest patch for 3.6.12 mediavps. We have experienced crashes as a direct result of using the older version.

If you still need help getting setup, you can try going onto IRC in the multiplayer setup channel.
If no one else is there, try the Blue Planet IRC channel

If you're interested in a game, try the IRC MULTI Channel


Before you start playing, make sure you're up to date by right clicking on the folder and hitting 'SVN Update'. Do this every time you want to play!

Here is a brief summay of both recent and planned work on the project. If you want to get involved in this, ask for an SVN account and you can make your own commits.

Modified install directions, someone managed to get it wrong, so it wasn't obvious enough ~KyadCK


--- Quote from: bigchunk1 on March 07, 2011, 10:46:15 pm ---
Mars' UEF Gauntlet mission has been converted to multiplayer.

--- End quote ---

YAY! I hope I can make it this time.

Has the Grimler been nerfed/removed in dogfights and TvT?

Edit: *moved over from old thread... Looking to have another test sometime in the next few weeks (mid to late march). I would like to know when people have their spring break so we can fit the test sometime in that week. If anyone has a particular time they would like to have the test, now's the time to speak up.

--- Quote from: SypheDMar on March 08, 2011, 01:18:19 am ---Has the Grimler been nerfed/removed in dogfights and TvT?

--- End quote ---

Not yet. Once it has, it will be moved into the 'Recent Fixes' category.

Anytime after the 17th is fine. Once I finish my last final, the beginning of next quarter wouldn't even matter.


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