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[CLOSED] Join the 22nd Hardlight Squadron! Now taking applicants!

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Experienced ace pilots needed!

The Federation is looking to form the 22nd Hardlights Elite Fighter Squadron out of seasoned veterans from all over the Navy.

Upon filling out the application form found below, post the filled out details in this thread and the Solar Command Group will form the 22nd out of the most promising applicants.

Up to six pilots may be picked for this squadron.


By filling out this form you hereby confirm that all answers were filled out with truth and nothing but the truth. False information may be punishable under the Federation Security Act Section 3.

Callsign: [Either forum username or whatever you want]
Preferred ship:
Estimated Skill Level:
Favorite Color:

This is an official Federation document. You may not copy or photograph this document without authorization by the Federation Administrative Offices or an officer of rank Captain or higher.


EDIT: Applications are closed. Thank you for applying.

Dilmah G:
Callsign: Big T
Preferred ship: As fast as it gets
Catchphrase: "It's not my problem!"
Estimated Skill Level: Effortlessly mediocre
Favorite Color: Black

Mito [PL]:
Callsign: Nordic
Preferred ship: Aquila (always with Gatling in one bank)
Catchphrase: "Oh, how the turns have tabled..."
Estimated Skill Level: mediocre+ / high- (depending on caffeine supply)
Favourite Color: gold (yellow when gold is unavailable)

Callsign: Tako
Preferred ship: F/A-12
Catchphrase: "Oh, look, another sign of impending death."
Estimated Skill Level: Veteran, has seen combat. (Technically an ace as he's taken out five enemy fighters at this point)
Favourite Color: Midnight blue.

Callsign: Demolitionist
Preferred ship: Arbalest gunship
Catchphrase: "Nothing personal, alien scum." (but dude, we're fighting humans! ... did I stutter?)
Estimated Skill Level: Intermediate+
Favorite Color: Violet


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