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Title: OT - Another Space Sim (BETA) Worthy To Check Out!
Post by: Rampage on July 31, 2001, 08:15:00 pm
Please Read The E-Mail Below:

Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative, a Massive Multiplayer Online Space Simulation to take place in a persistent universe, is now ready to accept a new round of testers.  Keep in mind this test may only last a few weeks, so if you are still interested in testing Jumpgate you will want to do so quickly.  We are looking forward to having you join us.

To activate your account visit the following URL:
 http://jumpgate.3do.com/join_today/sign_up/join_beta.html (//"http://jumpgate.3do.com/join_today/sign_up/join_beta.html")

Enter your email (remember it is case sensitive) and the password which is:


Once your account is created you will be able to download the 50-80MB installer from our FTP server.  

If you run into trouble running the game, please make sure that you have installed DirectX 8.0a and have upgraded all drivers before contacting technical support directly. Technical support response time will be faster if everyone does their utmost to solve driver or machine configuration related problems before contacting tech support.

If you have any difficulties with registration or logging in for the first time, send an email explaining your troubles to:

[email protected]

When sending this sort of message, be sure to include your user name, connection speed, and computer configuration. Be sure to include any hardware that may be causing the problem. (Meaning if it's a sound issue, tell us about your sound card, if it's a video problem, tell us about your video card, etc.) Also be sure to include any other pertinent data as it relates to your specific problem (including, but not limited to, frame rate, EXACTLY what you were doing or have tried, error messages, and so on.) Another helpful troubleshooting aide is the error.txt file in the Jumpgate directory. If you have a problem, check this file and send us anything that seems out of place that is recorded in this file. (Error.txt is a log of program errors that Jumpgate produces.)

Thank you,

The 3DO Jumpgate Team


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Title: OT - Another Space Sim (BETA) Worthy To Check Out!
Post by: Shrike on August 01, 2001, 12:02:00 am
Silly boy, wrong forum.  Moved to Hard Light.