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Title: PSP, is it worth gettin?
Post by: Thor on May 13, 2007, 02:02:00 am
So I've been thinking that i want a psp, but I am wary of waisting my money.  So for those of you who have it, what do you think of it?  was it worth the buy, anything i should know?  To those who passed on it, why?

Let it be said i am not considering other handhelds.  i'm purely interested in the psp for its games.
Title: Re: PSP, is it worth gettin?
Post by: Ulala on May 13, 2007, 04:56:02 am
Passed it by after trying my brother's. The games didn't really impress me, save for Lumines which was quite fun (although, a puzzle game like that doesn't really need to look too good) but not enough to justify buying the system. Being able to play music is cool, movies are great and all except you have to buy a format you can't really use anywhere else.  :no:
Title: Re: PSP, is it worth gettin?
Post by: MarkN on May 13, 2007, 09:57:11 am
I like it, (well, it's a massive improvement over my old GBA). There are some good fun games around. I particularly like Burnout Legends and Star Wars Lethal Alliance. Saying that I have very few other games for it, the only one of note being Virtua Tannis, which has a very strange difficulty curve, with some champion ships being a massively different difficulty from others that are availble at the same point in the career.
Title: Re: PSP, is it worth gettin?
Post by: Centrixo on May 13, 2007, 10:08:52 am
After playing it, i felt it was missing the overall 'coolest effect' that even windows minesweeper has. (Excitement factor), i played it, the spiderman game, and no. it's basically what i found is a copy of gta or sonic the hedgehog on a early version of a pc, this is selling for what near $180/£90? i think its a rip-off myself IMO.
Title: Re: PSP, is it worth gettin?
Post by: Mr. Vega on May 13, 2007, 03:09:23 pm
Stick with a gba.
Title: Re: PSP, is it worth gettin?
Post by: redsniper on May 14, 2007, 12:50:08 am
I have one and I don't consider it completely worthless. However, I can't in good faith recommend it outright. It's cool that you can watch videos, play music, heck I even posted on HLP from it a few times, but it is severely lacking in the games department. Portable Ops is pretty good though, if you like Metal Gear.
Title: Re: PSP, is it worth gettin?
Post by: Inquisitor on May 17, 2007, 01:35:11 pm
Loco Roco, Lumines 1 (and 2), Burnout Legends (and apparently the new Dominator is excellent), Monster Hunter (virtually identical to the PS2 version) is decent, but has camera and control issues. Hot Shots Golf was entertaining. Wipeout PUre. Me and my Katamari (though the controls are a little frustrating) is basically the same game as Katamari Damacy. A small library of competent games. And alot of crap, so read the reviews before buying a game. I have less than a dozen UMD games, and I frankly buy anything worth playing. The Sid Meirs game is supposed to be good. The shooters have largely been crap (mostly due to controls).

Overall, much better graphics, PS1 to early PS2 level, some are almost PS2 level considering the screen size versus the DS, though the DS has a much much bigger library of actually GOOD games.

The movie playing is great, and you can stream video and audio to it, which is slick. If you can find a UMD of a movie you like, the format is actually good for what it is, small dvd's on a small player.

Now that these things are 169ish US, they are more buy-able.
Title: Re: PSP, is it worth gettin?
Post by: JGZinv on May 17, 2007, 03:28:59 pm
If you are going for just the stock PSP games... then no it's not worth it at all.
If you want to play emulated games from systems prior to the PSP, such as
GBA and SNES, modify it into a TV remote, have it as a web browser, a half hearted
music player or a portable movie player... then it might be worth more to you.

I fell into the latter category and tried it out after getting one off eBay.
The music player is ok I suppose, but a dedicated one would work much
better due to the controls. The movie function is nice if you are going to be stuck somewhere
for an extended period, you can put books on it too... but you have to budget for
the extra cost of memory cards. I got 2  1 GB sticks at $74 a piece... now they cost half that.
The ROM ability is actually about the only games I do play on it if I ever take it out.
My battery seems to have a short in it, so I can't speak of battery life. You can use it
as a portable hard drive, or a picture viewer from Sony cameras due to the memory sticks.
Really I don't find myself using it as often as I thought I would, it now gathers dust.
It does seem to try to get scratched easily, have to be very careful with it. I think it
certainly shows fingerprints and hand smears better than any other piece of equipment
I've ever owned.... it'd be great for a spy movie.

Like I said it's nice as a mini portable multifunction showy item... as a game machine
or a dedicated anything besides movie/picture player/drive it falls short IMO.

If you do get one that you plan to mod, pay attention to the firmware version before you buy.
Too new a version and you won't be able to mod it at all.
Title: Re: PSP, is it worth gettin?
Post by: haloboy100 on May 26, 2007, 09:06:47 pm
i always thought the PSP was more of a personal convenience device (portable internet, movies, etc...), then a video game system. Guess i was right.
Title: Re: PSP, is it worth gettin?
Post by: Thor on May 26, 2007, 09:58:38 pm
well I'm still waiting...the idea is growing on me, especially after spending 5 hours on a bus this last long weekend
Title: Re: PSP, is it worth gettin?
Post by: colecampbell666 on May 28, 2007, 03:16:53 pm
I have a PSP and i like it. You can watch video's, convert them from DVD with a program like IMToo or similar, look at pictures, go on the internet, use flashplayer, play games (some of them are pretty good), watch TV with LocationFree, listen to music, emulate almost every previous system and more. I would reccomend getting one.
Title: Re: PSP, is it worth gettin?
Post by: Nix on June 12, 2007, 02:22:21 am
I have a DS Lite, comparing it to the games available for the PSP, it's got all the old-school Final Fantasy games.  I used to emulate them on my Pocket PC, but they never played back right, and things just didn't work well.  The DS Lite is so much nicer, even if the games are a little updated and different.  (Final Fantasy I has completely new graphics, music, etc, so no 8-bit graphics and music)
Also, the DS Lite/DS Classic browser just came out (Opera fans rejoyce) so the DS now has web-browsing capability.  Unfortunately, to use it, you'll have to plug in both the DS card and GBA card slots with the Browser and Memory pack.  I have no idea if it works well, but if it works near as good as the Opera browser for Pocket PC works (minus downloads), it'll be a worthy purchase.

Though, the PSP has the GTA games.. that'd be a reason for me to pick it up.  But, I absolutely love the old-school Final Fantasy series, and it's totally available for the GBA/DS, and has been for a while whereas Final Fantasy I and II are barely being released for the PSP. 
Title: Re: PSP, is it worth gettin?
Post by: colecampbell666 on June 12, 2007, 05:20:04 pm
After looking at the DS, I think that it is better overall, but the PSP has alot of cool, good working, and useful features.