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Title: Problems with FS1 Mod.. i think...
Post by: y2s82 on June 01, 2007, 02:54:56 am
I played the FS2 campaign up until the 2nd loop for the SOC missions.
And then i went to sleep :p
the next day, i decided to check out different mods and found the FS1 port.  So i loaded up and enjoyed the intro movie and the new flight deck.  Then i chose the FS2 campaign anyways and found all my ships gone, even the one i was supposed to started with (the entire wing was selected w/ the checkered line indicating the entire lack of any ship).
so i quit and removed the mod and restarted.  ship still very much gone with no replacements and ulysis in the ship display.  I pressed reset on the bottom right of the screen and was given back the heavy assault ship of 99 skulls.
but when i went to the gun section, i was given only the bare minimum layouts, such as tempests and that efficient gun and such (names errr are not my strongest forte :p).  So i armed myself with the only gun that i could get (aside from one that dmg subsystem... but that can't kill so...), loaded out on tempest (the only other choice was that default heat-seeking missile.)
After getting lost in the EMP shockwaves for few very dizzying hours, Snipes was rescued w/out my knowledge and apparently i was to pull out.  so i did. 
I thought the whole weapons selections would come back to me on the next mission. 
Such was not the case, and so i was stuck again w/ same layout in mara. 
I didn't mind too much although i really wanted to try kyser and maxims and trebuchets, and after burning my ass a few times from exploding crystals and dodging few juggernaughts and others, i survived. 
So far, i've saw to the death of colossus, all the while lumbering w/ aries with all energy allocated to engines trying to intercept bombers with tempests.  (I guess this would be tough to pull in anything higher than medium difficulty...)
Not a horrible experience, but now that i have to defend the Sabastian, i really wanna use some trebuchets and maxims that i've been hearing so much about. 
Besides, all my flight wings r missing their wpn system, too, cuz they all got edited out.  I could load them all up w/ watever wpns given, but... i feel cheated out of my wpn system especially since the admiral told me i'd be getting all range of wpns at my disposal :(

So here's the question: how do i get my wpns back? i really would hate to restart the whole game again.
and would something like this happen all the time when i apply mod? (ie can't get back to original game settings or other mod settings?)

In risk of sounding redundant, the mod was applied and removed using the launcher.  err if that changes anything :p

ummm help :p
thanx :D
Title: Re: Problems with FS1 Mod.. i think...
Post by: Wobble73 on June 01, 2007, 04:15:01 am
Unfortunately you have corrupted your pilot file by trying out the FSPort with the same pilot. The best way to play new Mods is to create a new pilot for that campaign (or clone an existing one, that way you keep your setup/key config etc.) Unless Karajorma comes along and builds you a special campaign file so you can continue where you left off, the only other option is to restart the campaign.

and ........................


Title: Re: Problems with FS1 Mod.. i think...
Post by: Goober5000 on June 01, 2007, 03:21:10 pm
Yes.  You're generally not advised to use the same pilot for different mods, and you're certainly not advised to switch mods in the middle of a campaign.  That causes a crapload of problems, as you've seen. :) Easiest thing to do is reset the campaign and try again.
Title: Re: Problems with FS1 Mod.. i think...
Post by: y2s82 on June 01, 2007, 08:16:51 pm
haha wow, man u guys should add that to faq and to that intro readme file :p
or did i miss that faq somewhere haha there's so much information floating around everywhere that i THINK i've seen them all, but seems to keep missing some details here and there :p

oh well... i don wanna go through w/ it all again just yet.. so i'll just struggle w/ wat i've got.  besides, tempests and that cheap gun is some of my fav wpns anyways... just too bad i'm stuck w/out some of other good wpn layouts :p

thanx for that welcome.  u'll have to explain wat that HLPBB stands for though :p

and would i be in the right place to say thanx to all those who made this wonderful game and bunch of apparently wonderful mods?  :D  i havn't tried the mods, but i just hope i'm not spoiled by the fs2 campaign haha.
Title: Re: Problems with FS1 Mod.. i think...
Post by: jr2 on June 01, 2007, 11:05:37 pm
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Title: Re: Problems with FS1 Mod.. i think...
Post by: y2s82 on June 02, 2007, 02:48:20 am
haha i guessed the BB part, but HLP kept throwing me off... but i see it now haha
to those who care, i tried the Sabastian mission, but quit prematurely realizing that this time, even the downgraded wpn selections refused to give me missles (ie, all missles were 0 in net quantity, and all ships were equiped w/ one std laser and one subsystem-dmging gun, and empty 2ndary banks)
so ... i quit.

now i'm trying mods.  the delect one.. err i think..  bit spooky w/ gigantic pirate ship ramming my fighter haha

and i thought the voice acting was hillarious, although i must give credit for working quite well with probably a very limited resources.  haha the main campagin did spoil me :p

is there any recommandation on the mods to try first?  or r they all stand alone?
Title: Re: Problems with FS1 Mod.. i think...
Post by: jr2 on June 02, 2007, 04:58:38 pm
Someone posted a list... let me dig it up for you.