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Title: Saving multiplayer campaigan progress?
Post by: Kan on January 13, 2008, 04:58:03 am
Hello there.

I recently started setting up a co-op multiplayer game with a friend of mine with Freespace Open. I found that the single player campaigan is included as a multiplayable one in the 'mediamvps' and we have been wanting to play through it. Unfortunately it seems though that every time you restart the multiplayer game, the campaigan will start from the beginning. This of course is pretty inconvenient if you can not play through the whole game in one go (or half of it as it's been divided in this case to two parts).

I visited the IRC channel recently and had a chat with some of the people there on the subject, and they tell me that unfortunately there is no functionality to save the progress at the moment. I feel this would be a very nice and needed feature to add to the game with any longer campaigan, either to be able to save the multiplayer progress or to be able to load a specific mission from the campaigan to continue it.

Might anyone have or come up with a way that doing either would be possible? Thanks.

- Kan
Title: Re: Saving multiplayer campaigan progress?
Post by: Kan on January 13, 2008, 06:18:43 am
Heh, well I took a closer look at the data files, extracting the campaigans from the mediamvp. It turns out that the missions are directly selectable from the coop listing of multiplayer missions after all. I just had not recognized them as the actual single player ones since they were out of order and I think there are some extra ones there too (Been a while since I've played the game).

So simply picking the next mission from the list looking at the campaigan files should work for picking up where one was left off. Of course it would be nice if the game would do this for you, but this should certainly be something workable. I'll attach the campaigan files to this post for anyone else who needs them and doesn't know how to extract files from the .vp's ( It's not complicated though, I used QuickVP from http://www.hard-light.net/wiki/index.php/Category:Tools ). You can simply open the campaigan files in a text editor and see what the next mission should be.

- Kan

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