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Title: Earth Brakiri War Released
Post by: madaboutgames on July 28, 2008, 08:47:30 pm

The Earth Brakiri War is now available for download!

Campaign Details :

Single Player
26 Missions - Nonlinear
Fully Voice Acted
Cinematic Cut scenes
Pilotable ships : Star Fury, Thunderbolt, Brakiri Fighter & Narn Bomber
Enemies : Brakiri, raiders, drazi & Shadows
War scoring system (end of war summary which tells you how well you did).

Description : You are an EA pilot fighting your way through a war with the Brakiri.  The gameplay is branching so if you do well through the war you play more offensive missions, if you do bad you will play entirely different missions. So if you complete the campaign the good way you will have to tray and complete it the bad way for a totally different campaign.

Tips :

*On some missions you only need to survive.  You will now if you have failed!
*Keep an eye on your objectives and make use of the hot keys.
*Use the support facility to repair your hull and rearm your missiles (If Available)
*Make good use of commanding available wings

Download the campaign from http://www.heatemup.co.uk

Installation : Install the EBW.exe file.

This campaign is for and has been tested with TBP 3.4 final

If you have any bugs or problems report them here : http://proxima-fleet.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=96

Known Bug's/Issues

1) On a couple of missions, when you die and restart the mission it will randomly crash and you will have to reload the game.  -  This is nothing to do with the EBW campaign, we are still looking into this.

2) Once in a while Capital class ships will collide with each other, this does not`t happen often but you may notice it. 

3) On Missions 16a and 16b on some systems (probably graphics card related) all ships will go white for a second or to then return to normal.  it does not affect the gameplay in any other way but on some machines this happens.


Thanks to all the heatemup up team for making the Earth Brakiri War possible.  :yes:

Hope you enjoy the Earth Brakiri War ;)